Have you heard of Social PR? What would be your guess if you haven’t? To me it’s digital integrated marketing, by integrated it’s a way to combine many outputs within one marketing plan. Ideally when working on any project you want to think of the end game, which is most likely sales.


Even if your goal is more likes or followers think about why do you want more likes? Most likely besides vanity metrics somewhere down the social media chain you would like to make money or sales.


Let’s get this out of the way, likes ≠ sales


How I look at Media, Marketing & Social Media Marketing is a conversion of everything and how can we best push messaging forward online. Since they’re many digital ways to move a message forward online vs. having a 100% traditional media.


The path to authentic engaged likes could be part of an integrated plan and also should not over clip the fact that in business economy sales is generally the most important.


Sure in some instances building community will equal a large company evaluation for what will 9 out of 10 will eventually want a sale or acquirement.


When knowing the end goal it’s our job to look at the project from back to front. This way the overall strategy can be tailored with benchmarks along the way.


Another item for clarity upfront is what are the internal resources of a company, budgets, people, time these are critical to know to set up a plan to win.


There is always a limited amount of resources no matter the size of business, with successful marketing everything it’s scalable. For me, we look at those three things and then back a strategy into winning this for the end game. Mostly likely, growing an engaged community and sales.


Citizen Journalism, Influencer Marketing, & Digital TV shows have blurred the lines between traditional media, TV, Celebrity Spokesperson, Radio, to also include Facebook Live & Watch, Influencers, Micro Influencers, Podcasts, Twitter & YouTube. This is what I call Social PR.


Think about Social PR as Integrated Marketing leaning heavy into digital platforms, instead of shows and online magazines we’ve got  to get the word out & amplify a brands campaign. For me it’s all about how do we drive the business forward? PR, Media, Digital, Email, Influencers, Digital Ads, and Keynote speaking.


For me “influencers” is not a strategy it’s how can we come up with something creative and plug in influencers to amplify?


Ideally, a creative marketing campaign is set up and then everything gets plugged into it.


This is what I consider a strong Social PR & Marketing plan.


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