Case Studies

Testimonials from our current and past clients

Andrew Mason

Founder, Descript

Our digital marketing results have been outstanding since hiring the Galactic Fed. They have delivered steady improvements every week on all key metrics. Their communication and response time are top-notch, and they help us think big picture about our overall marketing strategy. The Galactic Fed is a perfect partner for high-growth startups.

Paul Benigeri

Head of ECommerce, HVMN

HVMN has been working with GalacticFed on content marketing & link-building since July 2018. They are the most professional external partner we’ve worked with, and the quality of their work consistently exceeds expectations. Our blog traffic has grown by 20x since we started working with GalacticFed, and I’ve already recommended their team many times.

Matt Colletta

Matt Colletta

President, CoinCentral

The Galactic Fed has been an outstanding addition to the team. Their official role is as an SEO, but really they bring so much more to the team. They’re running a 15+ person white hat email outreach team for us, with the goal of generating as many referring domains as possible. I think we’re averaging something like 60 RDs per week via their efforts.

Dan Klein

David Klein

VP Of Growth, ClickTime

I’ve been working with Galactic Fed for the past few months, and it’s been great. They’ve been instrumental in driving our SEO strategy, building backlinks, and improving our technical performance.

Matteo Gemignani

Matteo Gemignani

CEO, Armadio Fashion

While in need to rebuild our AdWords strategy, Galactic Fed provided great help in analyzing and redirecting our internal team to the right testing and strategy. They work very fast and the project came through easily.

Lewis Sharp

Lewis Sharp

Founding Partner, Surge Private Equity

Paid media marketing is often a black box where you don’t know what you are paying for. Galactic Fed has been extremely transparent and has delivered results which puts them a cut above other service providers.

Chris Woodard

Chris Woodard

VP of Growth, Tenfold

Galactic Fed and their team are consistently building quality backlinks, driving marketplace reviews, driving targeted traffic, and anything else we have ever thrown at them. SEO is a very results oriented space and the data never lies on performance. Galactic Fed have helped grow us month-over-month in site traffic and leads from said traffic since they joined.

Darby Wong

CEO and Founder, Clerky

Galactic Fed consulted for us on a few key SEO questions, and helped us confirm an SEO problem and possible resolution. It was a pleasure working with their team.

Ronan Galvin

Co-founder, Kicksta

Galactic Fed and their team are on a whole different level when it comes to growth marketing / SEO / paid media. It is refreshing to see how calculated and measured they are in their efforts and analysis. I think a lot can be attributed to the number of years they spent cutting their teeth working on growth at some of Silicon Valley’s fastest growing startups.