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How Does Advertising Personalization Work?

Marketers rejoice! The world is now full of more and more data touch points, more granular targeting techniques are available, analytics tools are stronger than ever, blockchain and transparency will soon eliminate waste. But what about us poor consumers?

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Finding A Market Niche in Private Equity Investing

Money talks, but not as loudly as it used to. As private equity funds continue to exceed fund raising goals, private markets have become increasingly liquid in the decade following the financial crisis. A larger supply of uninvested money is forcing investors to become more creative and dynamic to compete. Merely having money to invest is not enough to gain access to the best ideas, innovators, and businesses.

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What is Social PR?

Have you heard of Social PR? What would be your guess if you haven’t? To me it’s digital integrated marketing, by integrated it’s a way to combine many outputs within one marketing plan. Ideally when working on any project you want to think of the end game, which is most likely sales.

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