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10 Top SEO SaaS Tools that Can Drive Organic Growth

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Published 13 Jul 2022

Every day, people search for software as a service (SaaS) solutions to help them achieve their business objectives. That’s great for the small number of SaaS firms that manage to land as the top results in search engines. Unfortunately, most don’t, so they miss out on that all-important SEO traffic that truly drives business growth.

The solution to this is clear: You can increase your organic growth and rank higher in search by integrating some of these SEO SaaS tools into your marketing strategy.

What Are SEO SaaS Tools?

SEO SaaS tools are tools that help software as a service firms by increasing organic traffic. These tools may have been created specifically to serve SaaS companies. Others have simply developed a proven track record for getting results.

Which Tools Get the Best SaaS SEO ROI?

The tools that get the best SaaS SEO ROI must do more than help your business earn better search rankings. They must also help you maximize results for the right keywords. 

Improved traffic metrics are great, but only if that traffic converts to paying customers. The best SEO tool for SaaS will be one that can accomplish both goals for your software company.

  1. Google Search Console

Content performance statistics

Source: Search Engine Land

Google Search Console (GSC) starts with two key benefits. For one, it’s free. Secondly, GSC is also brought to you by the company that determines how your website ranks in search results. 

What Does It Do?

Google Search Console provides you with the ability to see how your website performs in Google searches. The tool shows you which keywords your web pages rank for, as well as the number of people who click your links when they see them in the results (also known as click-through rate, or CTR).

Additionally, GSC will alert you to issues that Google finds with your website. For example, you will be informed if it detects suspected spam. GSC will also check for site indexing issues. If it finds issues, the tool will fix them or request that Google re-index your site.

  1. Semrush

Semrush is one of the more popular SEO tools on the market. It is a leading tool for keyword analysis, but it also has additional functionality for analyzing pay-per-click (PPC) performance.

What Does It Do?

Semrush helps you understand and improve SEO for your SaaS company by:

  • Helping you compare your organic search results with your competition
  • Showing your ranking for different keywords
  • Sending emails to update you on ranking and backlink progress
  • Full site or individual page auditing

If you are purchasing a subscription for an agency, SemRush offers white-label PDF reports.

  1. Screaming Frog

Screamingfrog website crawler

Source: Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a website crawling tool known as an SEO Spider. You can use it to systematically scan through websites, and it can provide you with a visual representation of your site structure. 

What Does It Do?

Screaming Frog helps you understand where your site is performing well according to Google’s standards. It finds broken links and duplicate content, but it also verifies your page titles and meta descriptions.

Screaming Frog can also interface with Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

  1. SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a solid, all-in-one SEO tool that is becoming popular among brands. Marketing and brand agencies are starting to rely on this utility as well as it becomes more prevalent in the SEO world. 

What Does It Do?

SE Ranking offers a full suite of SEO tools by: 

  • Tracking your ranking for prime keywords
  • Auditing your backlinks
  • Analyzing your competitors’ PPC keyword bids
  • Conducting a website health audit

Developers can access SE Ranking’s API for greater flexibility, but you have to purchase the enterprise version of the software to access this.

  1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs isn’t just one tool. Instead, it is a suite of SEO tools designed to help companies maximize high-quality traffic.

What Does It Do?

Ahrefs offers keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink profile checking, and broken link discovery. You can use Ahrefs to analyze a single page or your entire website.

You can also opt to receive email updates relating to any changes in your backlinks or search engine ranking. Ahrefs does come with an API, but the premium version offers one that is much more powerful.

  1. Surfer SEO

85/100 Content score

Source: Surfer SEO

Ultimately, nothing is going to get better rankings for your SaaS company than engaging content that makes use of the right keywords. This is where Surfer SEO shines.

What Does It Do?

Surfer SEO includes a content editing tool that provides you with keyword and latent semantic indexing (LSI) recommendations. It also suggests the ideal number of paragraphs, headings, and images for each post you write. Your content score is provided to you along with a visual representation of your posts’ SEO progress. 

This proves to be a helpful tool for copywriters. It provides them with guidance and suggestions to include the right keywords without unintentionally relying on keyword stuffing.

  1. Clickflow

Your pages may be ranking, but your click-through rates are in the dumps. Clickflow can help with that.

What Does It Do?

Clickflow is a testing tool that you can use to track the progress of any changes you have made to optimize a page or group of pages. It also integrates with GSC for a more holistic approach to SEO. Clickflow is an excellent addition to your toolkit if your pages aren’t getting much traffic. You can use it to test changes to titles and meta descriptions.

Using their platform, you can establish goals that will allow you to see the revenue your changes can potentially generate. Additionally, the tool can help you to identify which keyword phrases and titles tend to attract which customer personas.

If you are interested in getting more traffic but don’t want to create new content pages, this tool is definitely worth trying.

  1. Moz

Marketing teams at SaaS firms use Moz quite often. A comprehensive SEO utility, Moz is a great choice for people who don’t have extensive SEO experience. It is user-friendly and ideal for businesses that don’t want to invest in a multitude of SEO tools from different vendors.

What Does It Do?

Moz offers several features that empower you to:

  • Conduct keyword research
  • Maximize backlink opportunities
  • Optimize your website
  • Track the sites that link to yours

As part of its keyword functionality, Moz allows you to track your rankings for certain keywords over time. It’s a paid product, but they offer their toolbar for free.

  1. Answer The Public

Customer education is a key part of SaaS marketing outreach. The challenge is to ensure you are answering the right questions based on keyword variations people are using. Answer The Public uses a combination of auto-complete on Google searches, as well as different questions based on those keywords.

What Does It Do?

Answer the Public that helps you to better understand your customers’ intentions and the reasons for their needs. When you know the questions people are trying to answer with their searches, you can create topic clusters. Also, the tool will help you gain the coveted knowledge panel position or other special rankings if you are able to answer questions more concisely than your competitors.

10. Google Analytics

It only makes sense to end this list with the tool that every marketer has bookmarked and memorized. Google Analytics is free to all and provides a range of SEO insights.

What Does It Do?

Google Analytics offers reporting on:

  • Traffic
  • Conversions
  • Bounce rate
  • Video views
  • Time on page

This tool is free and readily available to all, so it only makes sense to start your SaaS analytics journey here.

Use the Right Tools for Better Organic Growth

You can gain a serious competitive advantage if you increase your organic traffic and page rankings. The ten tools listed above can help you achieve your objectives and are available at a variety of price points. This ensures that, from the biggest of firms to the most modest of startups, there’s an SEO tool for SaaS that you can use to enhance your SEO strategy today.

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