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4 Must-Have AI Tools for Email Marketing

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Written by Sarah Edwards

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Published 22 Feb 2023

Email is one of the least intrusive (but most profitable) ways to advertise to customers. It’s simple and effective, but it can be challenging and time-consuming to manage manually. However, the tedious tasks that power email marketing have become easier to manage in recent years — AI email marketing tools can now perform various tasks for you, improving the effectiveness of your email campaigns with less intervention on your part.

With that in mind, we’ve curated a list of the best AI email marketing tools currently available. These platforms have a strong track record of delivering outstanding results, streamlining the email marketing process, and improving ROI for your advertising efforts.

  1. Seventh Sense

If your organization primarily relies on email as a marketing strategy, you can’t afford to go without Seventh Sense. 

This tool improves the deliverability of your emails in several ways. First, it identifies when your customers will most likely check their email and sends your message accordingly. This individualized delivery timing increases the likelihood that a customer will see and open your email.

Seventh Sense also throttles email delivery to reduce the chances of a provider marking your message as spam. So instead of sending your message to thousands of subscribers simultaneously, it moderates the flow over several hours. That way, there’s a better chance your email will make it past spam and promotional folders and end up in the customer’s primary inbox.

Though the hands-off approach is one of its greatest benefits, users also benefit from the ability to directly intervene in the tool’s automation to micromanage the process when necessary. For instance, you can temporarily halt an email campaign to correct mistakes like incorrect dates or broken links. If your email promotes a product close to running out of stock, you can replace the product with another before restarting your email campaign. 

Seventh Sense also has an extensive A/B testing system that allows you to measure the engagement metrics of several test emails before deciding on the appropriate design.

With its extensive capabilities, this tool is appropriate for email marketers who regularly send thousands of emails weekly and want to maximize their open rates and deliverability. 

Brenthaven, a Seattle-based manufacturer of mobile device cases and laptop sleeves, saw a 210% increase in email clicks when they deployed Seventh Sense. Despite sending fewer emails, their open rate increased by nearly 237% over four months. Using Seventh Sense also improved the brand’s email domain reputation. 

  1. is an AI email assistant that’s especially helpful for creating personalized emails designed to make a sale or encourage a consultation. 

This tool can easily search through large databases, including LinkedIn, news articles, blogs, and other sources, to find information about a potential customer or business. Using the information it finds, it drafts personalized communication reflecting what it knows about the recipient and includes a sales hook relevant to the individual’s expertise or a company’s business.

Companies in the B2B sector benefit greatly from, and it’s highly effective for sending personalized messages through LinkedIn. However, it isn’t for every business, and e-commerce companies may find other email-writing AI apps more beneficial.

One Search Pro, a digital marketing agency, used to send personalized requests for backlinks to website administrators and successfully improved their reply rates by 200%. They also managed to obtain ten new backlinks in only three weeks.

  1. Phrasee


Phrasee is one of the most powerful email-writing AI apps that you can use to optimize email content, ensuring that communication aligns with your brand voice across all steps of the customer journey. Using a combination of artificial intelligence and computational linguistics, Phrasee creates short-form copy that’s perfect for emails and product descriptions.

Marketers who use this tool can better personalize their customer’s experience through optimized communication. Phrasee is highly customizable, so you can set specific parameters that ensure it stays on-topic in email communications.

This tool will benefit organizations relying heavily on email to communicate with their customers. There won’t be a need to spend hours creating the perfect email; instead, Phrasee draws upon its computational abilities to create content that resonates with your audience. 

Since Phrasee is an AI-powered tool, it does have limitations. It can’t fact-check, so it’s critical to review the content of every message before sending it to a customer. 

P&O Cruises saw a significant increase in ROI when they implemented Phrasee into their email marketing efforts. They used the tool to create captivating subject lines for their emails, resulting in a 26% increase in open rates and a 26.6% increase in click rates. Phrasee also continually implements new tones and voices to keep email content fresh and interesting.

  1. is a newsletter AI email management tool that personalizes the content that each subscriber receives. The result is an intelligent newsletter that highlights the topics most likely to attract the reader’s attention. Once a company implements, its AI features will analyze the content that recipients spend the most time interacting with. As continues to “learn” about the recipient, it will rearrange newsletters to meet the subscriber’s interests.

However, companies still maintain complete control of their newsletter process. For example, if there are specific articles a brand wants to highlight in the newsletter, it can override the system and ensure everyone receives specific content at the top of the email. is especially effective for marketers who rely on newsletters to attract customer attention. For instance, a news organization might benefit from this tool by sending a rundown of articles on topics similar to what subscribers previously read. 

This is one of the best AI email marketing tools for organizations wanting to drive website traffic. 

One organization that benefits from is the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). Before 2020, the ASCE distributed a weekly newsletter to subscribers, highlighting news in the civil engineering industry. The ASCE decided to try out daily newsletters and implemented to help personalize them, and as a result, the organization saw significant savings in time and increased open rates by 50%.

When to Integrate AI into Your Email Marketing Efforts

While several tools can improve your email marketing efforts, you’ll want to carefully examine your objectives before purchasing an AI-powered tool or AI email assistant. 

Remember that many of these tools can be expensive, so you’ll want to carefully consider the size of your subscriber list and your current ROI from marketing to determine whether the investment is worthwhile. You’ll also want to ensure that a potential purchase comes from a reputable brand that properly handles customer and subscriber data. You don’t want to lose customers due to poor AI email security.

Here are a few use cases where integrating AI email marketing tools makes sense.

You See Low Engagement with Your Emails

If you’re noticing lower email open rates than in the past, it may be due to a few reasons:

  • Providers are marking your emails as spam
  • You need catchier subject lines
  • You’re sending emails to subscribers at the wrong time
  • Your emails aren’t personalized

The AI tool you should choose will vary depending on your problem. For example, Seventh Sense can assist you in increasing deliverability rates, while Phrasee may be the better solution if you need punchier subject lines. 

You Need More Traffic to Your Website

Marketing strategy puzzle

If your company relies on regular website traffic as a source of revenue, you’ll want to personalize your emails to encourage more clicks. A service like can help you cultivate your newsletter content specifically for your audience’s interests, ensuring higher click-through rates with each email.

You Use Email for Cold Sales

B2B organizations rely on email to reach out to organizations that might need their services. However, sending repetitive emails with the same content reduces the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy and can even hurt your company’s brand reputation.

A tool like benefits a B2B organization that needs personalized content for each cold sales email. Rather than hunting through LinkedIn and performing Google searches on your potential customer, you can rely on to handle the legwork for you and produce personalized content. You may have to make some edits to the email for accuracy and word flow, but it helps to expedite the process.

Using AI for Email Can Accelerate Your Advertising Efforts

Staying in touch with customers over email is critical, but it can be one of the most time-consuming processes in your marketing workflow.

Thankfully, with the assistance of AI email marketing tools, you can achieve objectives with less manual effort. And because AI can execute processes exponentially faster than humans and at a far greater scale, you’ll be able to realize business objectives that might be otherwise impossible to handle manually. So consider our list of AI-powered apps and software if you’re seeking help with personalization, content creation, or distribution of your emails. You may find that these tools significantly improve your open rates and customer engagement.

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