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Social Media Marketing 6 min read

Fed Fix: How to Find Email Addresses on LinkedIn

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Written by Anna Waterhouse

Marketing Intern @ Galactic Fed

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Expert reviewed by Dallin Porter

Marketing Director @ Galactic Fed

Published 14 Jul 2020

In the shifting digital marketing landscape, old doesn’t mean dead, and new doesn’t mean best. With social media on the rise and allure of new communication channels, it’s easy to disregard traditional methods to reach audiences online. Enduring the test of time, email continues to be one of the most effective digital marketing channels available. For every $1 your business invests into email marketing, you receive $42 - that’s a 4,200% ROI. Taking advantage of this marketing channel will greatly benefit and grow your business, but as you can imagine, this isn’t possible without an optimized email list.

The preeminent social media network of professionals, LinkedIn is an abundant source for capturing professional audiences with 690 million users - LinkedIn’s revenue grew 24% in Q2 2020. Despite its size, it isn’t easy to reach your target prospects or set up a robust marketing plan if you can’t find email addresses on LinkedIn.


Unfortunately, this is an inevitable challenge users, especially marketers, must face. LinkedIn, like all social networks, is a walled garden with an endless database of marketing gold inside. Enforced by privacy regulations, the walls often prohibit immediate access to valuable marketing data; email addresses. Despite these roadblocks, there are various effective methods to find email addresses on LinkedIn.

With the abundance of first-party data and its audience segmentation features, it is no surprise LinkedIn is the hotspot for B2B marketers. We recognize the power of utilizing the platform’s unparalleled leverage potential, accounting for 80% of B2B social media leads. To help you optimize your LinkedIn marketing strategy, we’ve provided a comprehensive guide of essential tools and techniques for finding, validating, and collecting email addresses on LinkedIn.

Manually find email addresses on LinkedIn

The primary email address registered with a LinkedIn account can be seen in the “contact info” section on the profiles of your 1st connections only. Unfortunately, unless both parties engage in an InMail conversation, LinkedIn prohibits access to the contact information of members outside of your network. In other cases, users elect to keep their contact information hidden. When you hit this common roadblock, you can use these methods to find that elusive email address.


  • Research It

Play detective. LinkedIn profiles reveal a user’s name and company. Sometimes company websites include employee contact information. An easy way to find an email address is to locate it on the website of the user’s current employer. If it happens to be another dead-end, try sifting through the LinkedIn profile further for a personal website or blog, and follow the same steps.

  • Extrapolate It

Take an educated guess. Companies typically use consistent patterns when generating emails for employees, which can lead to an informed guess at a user’s email. With the information gathered from the prospect’s LinkedIn profile; such as name and company, find the domain name in the company’s website address. It’s helpful to note that the domain name usually follows the “www.” For example, Galactic Fed’s website address is, so our domain name would be Now find the company’s email pattern by locating any email address within the company (which can be found on contact pages or press releases), and replicate the email format using the user’s name and company domain.

  • Verify It

Don’t spend weeks trying to contact a prospect just to find out the contact information you had was wrong. Ultimately, Accuracy equals a higher ROI. Although a viable option, the extrapolation method does require time invested. To ensure your emails reach your target audience and optimize your email marketing campaigns, use email verification tools to check the validity of acquired email addresses. Some popular email verifiers in 2020 are Hunter, ZeroBounch, and Mailfloss.

Find and extract email addresses in bulk with automated scraping tools

Manual methods of finding and exporting email addresses from LinkedIn are tedious and time-consuming, but there’s a solution to the overwhelming feeling of defeat you’re probably experiencing. Scraping software has emerged in response to the increasing global dependence on data. Supported by artificial intelligence, application programming interface, and data enrichment, data scraping tools automate the process of extracting data from websites on the internet. Automated scraping tools are highly conducive for various marketing objectives, including lead generation and market research - 79% of top-performing companies use marketing automation tools to optimize lead generation. Marketing hack: Use automated scraping tools to collect email addresses in bulk from LinkedIn.

B2B marketers, alike, agree data scraping is the most efficient method for gathering email addresses and vital intelligence for business growth. This powerful, intelligent software finds and extracts all professional email addresses relevant to your business through a combination of algorithms and verification techniques. Automated scraping tools build an optimized database of names and details of prospects, quickly and accurately. With the extensive amount of automated service providers on the market, only choose a service after evaluating your specific needs and weighing your options.

Finding email addresses on LinkedIn may not be so straightforward, but there are a ton of tips and tools to get the job done, and consequently lead your businesses to success. Whether it be reaching out to a potential lead, or building up a campaign email list you won’t have to search quite so high and low if you heed our advice to finding the golden nugget known as an email.

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Anna Waterhouse photo

Anna Waterhouse

Marketing Intern @ Galactic Fed