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Fed Fix: How To Revamp Your SaaS SEO

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Written by Natalie Yelton

Content Writer @ Galactic Fed

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Expert reviewed by Dallin Porter

Marketing Director @ Galactic Fed

Published 28 Jun 2021

If your SaaS company’s ranking on Google has taken a hit and you want to know what to do to climb back up towards that coveted top spot on Google’s search results page, you have come to the right place.

In this article, the SEO experts at Galactic Fed explain what your SaaS company can do to revamp your SEO to scale your business and reach the people that matter online.

Galactic Fed has worked with many SaaS firms over the years, producing impressive results when it comes to improving SEO. For example, we recently helped Nightfall AI increase organic traffic to their website by 372% with our tailored SEO strategy. 

SEO isn’t a one-time thing - we can’t stress this enough. Customer behavior online changes constantly, and you need to adjust your strategy to cater to their wants and needs. Also, SEO SaaS is a unique beast. Why? Because the sales cycle can be someone fast compared with other industries - about 40 days for annual contract values that are less than $5K. This means you have less time to engage potential customers. Your SaaS SEO should foster personalized and streamlined lead generation. 

If you feel your SaaS firm has a grip on your marketing funnel and you’re still not ranking on Google as you’d like, an overhaul of your SEO strategy could be the solution to your rank woes. Let us walk you through five tasks you can undertake now to freshen up your SaaS firm’s SEO strategy and engage those sometimes hard-to-reach customers while growing your business in the process. First, we’ll define what exactly SaaS SEO is: 


What is SaaS SEO?

SaaS SEO is the practice of increasing organic traffic to your SaaS (Software as a Service) firm’s website by securing top rankings on the targeted search engine results pages (SERPs) for pre-selected and relevant keywords.

SEO makes it possible to drive consistent traffic to your site, leading to impressive organic growth. Several SaaS companies are increasing what they spend on SEO to diversify traffic sources and keep acquisition costs low,

SaaS SEO usually involves increasing a firm’s organic search visibility, so they appear in front of customer’s eyes looking to:

  • Learn more about your specific company and software.
  • Obtain information about software like yours. 
  • Purchase software like yours. 
  • Read educational content related to your software as they prepare for purchasing in the future.

No matter what industry you’re operating in, Google’s top two ranking factors in 2021 remain: 

When used in developing an SEO strategy for SaaS firms, it’s vital to create relevant, evergreen content that answers users’ search queries while naturally earning quality backlinks, using white hat link-building practices. 

Now, let’s dive into Galactic Fed’s five top tasks for updating your SaaS firm’s SEO strategy:

Supercharge your site with an SEO audit 

Any SEO revamp, regardless of industry, should begin with a thorough SEO audit


Because an SEO audit is vital for figuring out why your SaaS firm isn’t ranking or why your ranking has slipped, making it a lot easier to identify what needs to be done to remedy the less than desirable search ranking. 

To begin, you’ll want to scan your website for:

  • Broken links 
  • Slow page load speed 
  • Mobile responsivity 
  • General user experience issues 

Screaming Frog offers a free and somewhat comprehensive SEO spider tool that can crawl your SaaS company’s website for errors - digging through your site’s internal and external links, metadata, code, and URLs, to tell you exactly where problems may exist:

Screaming Frog SEO tool GIF

Source: Screaming Frog

Intelligent keyword research to reach the more people

Next, you’ll want to refine and expand your targeted keyword list, ensuring it still stacks up against the keywords and phrases people are using to find out about your software, company, and related topics online. 

As with performing an SEO audit, there are many stellar online tools out there that are free and can assist you with overhauling your keyword list. 

Galactic Fed recommends that SaaS firms start by go after problem-focussed keywords. Research what issues your customers face and identify the solution your SaaS software provides to each of their problems. To help you get a handle on revamping your keyword research, checkout out or definitive guide.

A data-driven landing page that converts 

When we say content matters for ranking on Google, what do we mean?

Well, landing pages should make up an integral part of your content strategy, and by spending some time and effort perfecting just one, you can improve your Google ranking exponentially. 

To convert customers, your SaaS landing page should always:

  • Include a concise call-to-action, and 
  • Tell people why they should act. 

If you want to optimize your SaaS landing page, we’ve got four ideas for doing just that to get you on the right track immediately. 

Boost traffic with quality backlinks 

Second only to content, backlinks are a critical metric that Google uses when deciding where your SaaS firm will appear on the SERP.

In 2021, it’s essential that your SaaS business only uses white-hat link-building practices. Performing a backlink audit will ensure nothing fishy is going on when it comes to links pointing to and from your SaaS firm’s website. 

Without quality backlinks, you’ll find it challenging to get your content to rank, especially for competitive keywords.

To gain backlinks, create a robust link-building strategy that will assist you in earning relevant links to your website’s content.

It’s worth noting that backlinks do a lot more than just help your website rank on Google. A solid link-building strategy puts your content in front of your target customers, drives referral traffic, and positions you as a subject matter expert. 

The power of SEO-optimized, regular blogging 

Last but in no means least, blogging regularly can have a significant impact on where your Saas firm appears on Google.

Blogging alone won’t win you the top spot on Google search, though.

Your blogs need to be SEO-optimized and evergreen when possible. 

Impact of blog posts on inbound traffic chart

Source: HubSpot 

When refreshing your SaaS content marketing strategy, ensure a balance between:

  • evergreen blogs (posts that remain interesting to readers well into the future) 
  • and temporal blogs (posts that are relevant just for a day or two.)

In other words, evergreen content offers timeless advice to your website visitors. Temporal blog posts provide commentary on recent events.

Research finds that content marketing campaigns that focus on evergreen content grow faster and more significant than those which lean on temporal content:

Compounding content marketing and evergreen content with a colorful graph.


An SEO overhaul that will help your SaaS firm scale 

And there you have it! Complete these five simple tasks if your SaaS company’s SEO could benefit from some attention. 

Start with a comprehensive audit of your website’s SEO to identify what issues exist and update your keyword list, focussing on customer problems your software solves. 

Next, craft an SEO-optimized landing page and devote some resource to building quality backlinks to your content. 

Finally, review how often you blog and ensure your blog content is evergreen, which will help you climb back up that SERP. 

For further content marketing advice, take a look at Galactic Fed’s SaaS marketing guide. Are you interested in running paid ads for your SaaS firm? Then, check out our top tips for reaching new customers today. And if you’d like more hands-on help with revamping your Saas firm’s SEO, contact Galactic Fed. We’d love to help your SaaS reach more customers and grow.

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Natalie Yelton

Content Writer @ Galactic Fed