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Galactic Fed's Complete Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization

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Written by Natalie Yelton

Content Writer @ Galactic Fed

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Expert reviewed by Dallin Porter

Marketing Director @ Galactic Fed

Published 26 May 2021

You can put blood, sweat, and tears into driving more traffic to your website, but if you’re unable to convert those visitors into customers once they arrive, all of your hard work could be in vain. 

Every year, brands fork out a ton of cash in an attempt to drive more traffic to their websites. Businesses spend just $1 on conversion rate optimization (CRO) for every $92 they spend on customer acquisition. We’ll let you in on a little secret: if you can double your conversion rate, your business can afford to halve your traffic.

So what’s the best way to convert website window shoppers into satisfied customers? 

And how best do you measure how you’re doing at converting site visitors into customers?

The answer is conversion rate optimization.

In this article, the digital marketing experts at Galactic Fed explain what a conversion rate is and what conversion rate optimization looks like. Our complete guide will help you understand the benefits of conversion rate optimization and even offer tactics you can implement today to improve your CRO immediately across various areas of your website. 

What’s a conversion rate? 

A conversation rate is the percentage of people that visit a particular page on your website and complete the desired action you want them to. 

How conversion rate is calculated

Calculate your own conversion rate by taking the number of people you convert and dividing it by the total number of people that visit that specific page:

Conversion rate formula in a purple background.

Source: Backlinko

Conversion rate optimization

Conversion rate optimization is the activity of improving your website’s content to boost your conversions. A higher conversion rate indicates your website has a fantastic user experience, is well designed, and is adequately formatted. 

Why should you care about CRO?

Optimizing your conversion rate benefits your business in several ways, including: 

  • increasing your number of qualified leads,
  • increasing revenue, and  
  • lowering your acquisition costs. 

Where do conversions happen? 

It’s important to pinpoint where conversions happen and where you want them to happen on your website and more widely online. For example, are you missing a pivotal opportunity to convert a site visitor into a customer, say, through an informative blog post? 

The most common spots for conversions are on:

  • your homepage, 
  • your blog, 
  • your pricing page, 
  • a specific landing page, and 
  • ads you place online. 

Each common conversion spot on your website and online can be optimized to allow for greater conversions. 

Your homepage 

Your homepage may be the most crucial area for conversions. Think of it as the virtual storefront where customers first interact with your product or service on offer.  Try popular conversions you can measure, including a call-to-action in the form of a button nudging people to sign up to your newsletter, links to more detailed information about your product or service, and a chatbot option that can answer people’s questions quickly and easily:

Call-to-action in the form of a button page.

Source: Galactic Fed 

Your blog 

A blog is often forgotten about when it comes to conversion rate optimization. We at Galactic Fed know the power of informative and helpful content, though, and we believe the blog is the perfect area of your website to boost your conversion rate.

To convert blog readers into quality leads, think about what appropriate call-to-actions (CTAs) can be included in each of your articles. Links that provide access to detailed ebooks and whitepapers in exchange for a visitor’s email address can fit naturally within an existing blog and lends themselves nicely to CRO. 

Your pricing page

Your company’s pricing page is another spot where your conversion rate could be boosted or hurt if you’re not careful.

Think about the call-to-actions and options you offer to site visitors. Transparency, clarity, and flexibility can go a long way if your business provides pricing info on a dedicated webpage. 

If you force too many options on your website visitors, they may choose the path of least resistance - to leave your site. 

Too many buttons competing for the attention of site visitors makes it difficult for the user to focus on individual pieces of content on your website.

Less is more when it comes to excellent user experience. Focus on making your main pricing call-to-action (CTA) as straightforward as possible and make it easy to find with one eye-catching and consistent button design. If you have secondary CTAs, use less of a bold font or smaller button design. 

Your landing pages 

Landing pages are made for people to take action. If yours isn’t entirely producing the conversion rates you’d hoped, don’t fret! 

Want to know how to create the perfect, high-converting landing page? Check out our step-by-step guide to doing just that.

Your online ads 

This article’s primary focus is CRO on your website. However, we wanted to briefly mention improving the conversion rate of your online ads given here at Galactic Fed; we know a thing or two about how to deliver paid media that gets results. 

Whether placed on Google, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, your online ads and CRO go hand in hand. 

If your Google Search Ads aren’t getting the click-throughs you imagined when you launched them, try implementing our six tips.

Don’t forget to track your conversions! 

An important aspect, if not the most important when it comes to CRO, is tracking your conversions over time. With data and insight comes knowledge and power, especially regarding what’s working and what isn’t with your click-throughs. 

Conversion tracking helps you improve your click-through rate and ultimately turn more site visitors into customers based on data and research. 

Conversion tracking software exists, which makes the job of measuring your click-throughs a lot easier - some free and some available through a fee. At the very least, you should have a free Google Analytics account set up, which makes it possible to track conversions on your own website and track conversions across any Google Ads you place. There’s even an option to track offline conversions!

CRO tips that work

Are you struggling to boost your conversion rate and feel at a loss with what to do next? Check out our five powerful tips for improving CRO to boost your revenue, increase your amount of quality leads, and bring down your acquisition cost today. 

If you’ve got a burning question about improving your company’s CRO, we’d love to help! Contact Galactic Fed today.

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Natalie Yelton

Content Writer @ Galactic Fed