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How to Scale Organic Traffic With Programmatic SEO Services

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Written by Sarah Edwards

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Published 18 Jan 2024

You’ve no doubt heard the buzzword “search engine optimization” (SEO) thrown around a lot. As a result, you probably have a good idea of the concept’s importance. However, SEO is a broad topic, and there are many different ways to use these principles to grow your site traffic. One of the most effective and scalable ways to build your organic traffic is through the use of programmatic SEO services.

If you’ve got lofty goals for your business and website, programmatic SEO agency services might be the missing link to achieving them. Here’s everything you need to know about this unique SEO strategy, including what it is, how it works, and how it might fit into your brand-building game plan. 

What Are Programmatic SEO Services?

Programmatic SEO services involve building out landing pages on a huge scale to rapidly increase the rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). Also known as pSEO, programmatic SEO uses a broad template for each landing page, which incorporates the same core elements, including reviews, pricing, images, and CTA buttons.

Once you’ve got your template, you build out a semi-unique landing page for each keyword or region you are trying to rank for. For instance, if you operate an HVAC company in Atlanta, you can create a separate landing page for each neighborhood and service. 

Now, suppose that you offer five different services and want to target ten different neighborhoods within the greater Atlanta area. In this instance, you would create 50 unique landing pages and target low-competition keywords with each page. 

Programmatic SEO services outsource this process, as creating dozens of duplicate landing pages can be tedious and time-consuming. Service providers have the tools and knowledge to do this at scale at a fraction of the cost, saving you time and money. 

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Programmatic SEO Services vs. Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising and programmatic SEO services share a key similarity. Both rely on formulaic or systematic processes and automation technologies to accomplish a specific marketing task. Programmatic SEO focuses on expanding your organic reach by creating dozens of landing pages and targeting low-competition keywords.

Conversely, programmatic advertising uses algorithmic tools and automation software to buy media slots or advertising space on different digital channels. Global programmatic ad spend is set to reach $617 billion in 2024. By 2026, it is projected to reach $724 billion.

On their own, each of these strategies is incredibly powerful. However, when you combine programmatic SEO services with programmatic ads, you can further magnify the reach and efficiency of your marketing strategy and connect with ideal audiences. 

Examples of Programmatic Marketing in Action

Generally speaking, there are no shortcuts to generating organic traffic. You need to create great content, stay up-to-speed on Google’s ranking algorithm updates, and remain diligent. However, programmatic SEO services may be the exception. 

Through the use of artificial intelligence and automation, brands can rapidly scale out their digital footprint and rank for hundreds of low-competition keywords every single month. For instance, ClickUp uses pSEO to publish more than 1,000 pages monthly. 

Another great example of programmatic SEO services in action is Expedia. This brand has built thousands of landing pages targeting terms like “the best hotels in Atlanta’’ and “the cheapest hotels in San Francisco.” 

They aren’t just targeting big cities, though. They have landing pages for small towns and mid-sized suburbs in addition to the largest urban hubs in the world.

Ways to Win at Programmatic SEO

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Admittedly, programmatic SEO can be a bit complicated. Sure, you could take a programmatic SEO course and try your hand at this organic search strategy. But you are still going to have to roll up your sleeves and devote hours to your new endeavor. And you’re bound to encounter some growing pains along the way.

The good news is that there are better options than buying a programmatic SEO course. For instance, you might consider outsourcing to an agency that specializes in programmatic traffic generation. With the right programmatic SEO agency services at your disposal, you can accomplish the following goals:

Create Dynamic Content at Scale

Content is king, and yours needs to be fresh, dynamic, and engaging. You can’t simply copy and paste content across all of your programmatic SEO pages. A great service provider is going to create similar but unique copy for each landing page, maximizing your odds of climbing the rankings.

By leveraging user data and search intent, programmatic SEO services generate content that’s not just relevant but also timely and personalized. It’s about meeting your users with the right answers at the right time. 

Deliver Personalized Experiences

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all web pages. Instead, you now need a distinct landing page for every service and area you are targeting. Otherwise, your brand is going to get lost in the cascade of options as prospective customers search for the services they need. 

With programmatic SEO, everything is personalized. This concept understands that a user searching for “easy vegan recipes” on a Monday morning has different intentions than one searching for “quick healthy vegan dinners” after work. It’s all about context, and with programmatic SEO, your content will adapt to match these nuances. 

You’ll have the ability to deliver the right message at the ideal time in someone’s decision-making process. In turn, this cuts down on useless or irrelevant traffic while simultaneously increasing your content’s impact. When you target leads with a combination of programmatic SEO content and programmatic ads, you magnify your chances of earning their business. 

Access Actionable Insights

Programmatic SEO is about more than spamming the internet with dozens of landing pages. You’ve also got to deliver great content, informative copy, and the right keywords to be noticed by the ideal audiences. This requires gathering and analyzing data, applying what you learn, and adapting to shifting consumer preferences.

A great programmatic SEO agency will gather this data for you through A/B testing and other proven strategies. A/B testing entails continuously testing and optimizing content to see what resonates with your ideal audience. Through A/B testing and continuous improvement, a programmatic SEO agency will get you to the top of the rankings — and keep you there. 

Reach More Consumers

The digital landscape is constantly changing, as are search engine algorithms. If you don’t keep a close eye on your ranking, you can slip onto page two of SERPs without even realizing it. If you aren’t on page one, you might as well be invisible, as 75% of people never scroll past the first page

Programmatic SEO agencies keep you visible and relevant by continuously tweaking your content. If traffic dips or your landing page falls in the rankings, they’ll adjust course to get you climbing back toward the top of page one. The end result is more traffic, better leads, and consistent performance. 

Outperform the Competition

Speaking of performance, programmatic SEO services give you a definitive edge over the competition. This helps you stay ahead in the rankings and keep the sales revenue coming. Outperforming your competitors on organic search means you’ll have to spend less on paid ads and can allocate more funds to other endeavors. 

Continuously Climb the Search Rankings

Search engine optimization isn’t like scaling Everest. It’s more akin to running uphill on a treadmill. You are never going to “arrive” anywhere or reach the end of the road. Even after you earn a top spot on SERPs, you’ve got to keep working to maintain your visibility. 

Programmatic SEO services keep you at the top of the rankings and also help you rank for complementary keywords based on current search trends. If a new keyword starts trending or consumer search behavior shifts, they’ll adjust your strategy accordingly. 

Target the Right Keywords

Choosing which keywords to target is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when creating your SEO strategy. You probably aren’t going to outrank the world’s biggest brands, so you’ll have to target low-competition terms to scale your traffic.

An experienced partner will conduct extensive keyword research and step into the mind of your target audience. They’ll determine what phrases prospective customers are searching for and why. Then, they’ll tailor your programmatic SEO campaign accordingly. 

Your Next Steps in Scaling Organic Traffic

Scaling your organic traffic with programmatic SEO agency services can help you tap into your company’s true growth potential. As a result, you can embrace the future of SEO, leveraging the latest tech and putting your website in front of the right eyes.

Are you ready to see your organic traffic soar? If so, it’s time to explore the world of programmatic SEO services.

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Sarah Edwards

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