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Social Media Marketing 9 min read

Leveraging Instagram Threads: A Guide for Marketers

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Written by Sarah Edwards

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Expert reviewed by Dallin Porter

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Published 30 Nov 2023

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When Instagram Threads first hit the social media scene in early July 2023, it looked to be the next great text-based application, one that could potentially steal market share from X (formerly Twitter), especially considering how the app saw over 100 million sign-ups in its first week. 

In the weeks that followed, Threads’ user base shrunk back down to more sustainable levels, but the platform still has tens of millions of active monthly users, making it a great addition to your marketing mix. 

Whether you’ve already experimented with Instagram Threads or even if the new app is completely uncharted territory for your brand, the following guide will show you everything you need to know to help you weave it into your marketing strategy.

What Is Instagram Threads?

An offshoot of the social media giant, Instagram Threads (also referred to as Threads by Instagram) serves as a camera-first messaging platform designed to garner closer connection. 

With features like quirky status updates, unique camera tools, and an auto-status option, Threads offers a more intimate, text-first space for communication. Users can follow people to see their posts (which themselves are also referred to as threads) and comments, reply to discussions, and like, share, quote, or repost them. 

Key Features and Differentiation

Just from a passing glance, it’s clear that Instagram Threads is a copycat of X, and that may be in part due to Instagram’s attempts to attract more users in the 25-34 and 35-44 age groups. Currently, 25-to-34-year-old users compose about 30% of Instagram users, while 35-to-44-year-olds make up 15.7%. For comparison, 38.5% of X users comprise that first age group. 

Still, despite Meta designing Instagram Threads to be a direct competitor to X, the platform offers more robust camera features, allowing users to pair their text content with powerful imagery and videos.

It’s best to view the two as complementary tools, especially until Threads gains more traction among older audiences. With a multifaceted social media marketing strategy that includes both X and Instagram Threads, you can easily reach more consumers and generate quality leads over a strategy that excludes one or the other.

How Does the Threads Instagram App Fit Into the Meta Hierarchy?

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Even with X and the introduction of Threads, Instagram itself still has around two billion global users, making it the second most popular social media platform in the world, right behind fellow Meta property, Facebook. 

The total number of Threads users has fluctuated since its launch, with the latest estimate being around 97 million global users, around 5% of total Instagram users. That effectively makes Threads one of Meta’s least popular platforms, but it still has an opportunity to catch fire, as Instagram users can seamlessly sign up for Threads using their existing Instagram credentials. 

Brand Storytelling on Threads

Today’s consumers don’t want to be bombarded with ads one after the other; they want your brand to tell them an engaging, entertaining, and educational story. Storytelling is a core part of connecting with your audience, and once you master the art, you’ll be able to connect with your audience like never before. 

On Threads, you can craft intimate, authentic stories that resonate with your audience by showcasing the people behind your brand or giving sneak peeks of upcoming products in a way that feels personal. 

Influencer Partnerships: The Key to Gaining Traction Fast

Influencers are the celebrities of the marketing world, and their power is undeniable. Collaborating with influencers on Instagram can be a force multiplier for your campaign, significantly expanding your reach, and the same premise applies to Instagram Threads. 

In fact, Threads might further enhance the value of influencer partnerships. Imagine an influencer sharing a day-in-the-life story using your product exclusively on Threads. That will not only amplify your reach but also add a layer of authenticity and exclusivity, aspects that today’s audiences value immensely. 

How to Market on Threads by Instagram — 5 Simple Steps

There are dozens of different ways to weave Instagram Threads into your marketing strategy, but regardless of who your audience is or the product category you plan to operate in, here are a few basic steps that can help you achieve Threads marketing success:

  1. Develop an Exclusive Content Strategy

Ask what makes your brand different, then build a content strategy around that. From there, use Instagram Threads to share exclusive content that’s not available on your main Instagram feed or Stories. 

Remember, you’ve got to give your audience a reason to interact with you on Threads, which means if you are just repurposing content from your primary Instagram page, there won’t be much in the way of incentive. 

Thankfully, there are lots of ways to draw users to the new app, such as providing sneak peeks of upcoming products, creating personalized messages, and offering behind-the-scenes glimpses into your brand. When you are just starting out, you may need to get creative to earn followers. Consider creating a post on your primary Instagram account that informs your current audience of your presence on Threads and encourages them to come over in exchange for a discount code. 

  1. Leverage Influencer Collaborations

As mentioned earlier, collaborations with influencers who resonate with your brand can be huge opportunities. Influencers can use Threads to share unique, personal experiences with your products or services, creating a more authentic connection. 

If you are already partnering with Instagram influencers, tell them you want to make the jump to Threads. They are sure to have some ideas to accelerate this process. Also, have influencers share exclusive content on Threads that their followers can’t find elsewhere; that exclusivity will draw more followers to your Threads account.

  1. Engage Directly With Your Audience

Use Threads for direct, personalized communication with your followers, whether in the form of answering questions, sharing custom advice, or asking for feedback on posts. 

Encourage your audience to share their own content using your products on Threads, which you can then feature in your marketing to create a cycle of engagement, user feedback, and content creation. 

The key here is consistency: You can’t go weeks without engaging with your audience. Strive to engage with them on a regular basis, be it daily or a few times per week. 

  1. Integrate With Broader Instagram Strategies

One of the best things about Threads is that it is directly connected to your existing Instagram account, meaning you won’t have to rebuild your following from scratch. Use that to your advantage. Craft compelling narratives that start on your Instagram feed or stories and conclude on Threads to create a multi-platform storytelling experience. 

  1. Analyze and Adapt

Instagram Threads is largely uncharted territory for marketers, especially as the platform and its algorithm are still evolving, so you’ll need to closely analyze the results of each piece of content, more so than you do on other channels. Over time, you’ll get a feel for what your audience likes and what they don’t.

Regularly adjust your content and engagement strategies on Threads based on the insights you gather. Winning at Threads marketing is a long game, so be consistent, disciplined, and patient. 

Cross-Platform Promotion: The “Secret Sauce” to Threads Success

Cross-platform promotion strategies give you the chance to magnify your reach and impact. By making use of multiple digital platforms at once (Threads, Instagram, Facebook, etc.), you can create an omnichannel experience that draws audiences down the sales funnel and delivers valuable leads. 

The key benefits of cross-platform promotion with Instagram Threads include the following:

  • Extended reach and audience diversification
  • Reinforced brand message
  • Increased engagement opportunities
  • Cross-promotional synergy
  • Better analytics and insights

While you don’t need to use every social channel out there, adopting a cross-channel approach will help you make the most out of Instagram Threads, especially when you drive traffic from more established platforms like Facebook and Instagram. That said, the key here is to use complementary content instead of simply incorporating multiple channels into your marketing mix. 

Is Threads by Instagram a Worthwhile Investment? 

Instagram Threads can be a great addition to your marketing strategy, given its low barrier to entry, intrinsic connection to Instagram, and appeal to different audience demographics. By integrating the platform into your marketing mix, you can connect with different age groups and expand your reach on social media, both of which are great for business.

Seizing these new opportunities means becoming an early adopter of Instagram Threads is vital. The sooner you begin establishing a foothold on Threads, the better your odds of outpacing your competitors.

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Sarah Edwards

Content Writer @ Galactic Fed