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Social Media Marketing 9 min read

Niche Influencer Marketing: Tapping Into Hyper-Targeted Audiences for Maximum Engagement

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Written by Sarah Edwards

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Published 16 Aug 2023

According to Forbes, approximately 50 million people globally consider themselves to be social media content creators. Cumulatively, these millions of passionate creators have given rise to a new segment of marketing that is aptly referred to as “niche influencer marketing.”

Niche influencer marketing is all about using micro-influencers to hyper-target specific audiences rather than trying to connect with broader groups of consumers. Partnering with a few strategically-selected micro-influencers is an excellent way to give your social media marketing strategy a boost, increase user engagement, and drive sales. 

Join us as we explore the ins and outs of influencer marketing, including how it came about, what benefits it provides, and — most importantly — how you can connect with influencers in your niche. 

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What is a Niche Influencer, Anyway? 

When most people hear the term “influencer,” they immediately think of a YouTuber or Instagram personality with millions of followers. However, these individuals only represent the top 1% of influencers and are often referred to as “mega influencers” due to the sheer size of their followings.

Niche influencers are at the opposite end of the spectrum. While these individuals’ audiences are certainly loyal, they are much smaller in size. Typically, a niche influencer has between 10,000 and 100,000 followers, which classifies them as a “micro-influencer.”

In addition to having a concentrated following, niche influencers capture the attention of a very specific audience. Naturally, there will be a few outliers, but most of their audience will meet some very specific criteria. The goal of niche influencer marketing is to find partners whose target audience aligns with a specific subgroup of customers that you want to target. 

In addition to mega and micro-influencers, the influencer community includes mid-tier and macro influencers. Mid-tier influencers, or individuals with between 100,001 and 500,000 followers, can also be niche influencers. However, as they near the half-million follower threshold, their audiences begin to become too diverse to support hyper-targeting. 

Once an influencer surpasses the 500,000 follower mark, they become a macro influencer. If they hit one million followers, they achieve “mega” status. 

The Rise of Niche Influencer Marketing

Just a few years ago, signing an advertising deal with an A-list celebrity was a surefire way to propel your brand into the stratosphere and rack up sales. And while the who’s-who of Hollywood still have plenty of star power, influencers dominate today’s partnership marketing landscape. 

According to the IZEA Trust in Influencer Marketing Report, 62% of social media users trust influencers more than celebrities. This should come as no surprise, as avid social media users interact with the influencers they follow on a far more frequent basis. Furthermore, most, if not all, of the content the influencer creates aligns with their followers’ interests, which further nurtures that sense of trust and loyalty. 

The explosion of the niche influencer marketing segment was inevitable, as there are nearly 5 billion social media users globally. Not only are there more users than ever, but people are spending more time on their favorite social platforms as well. According to Tech Jury, the average user spends over 2.5 hours per day on social media, and teens average more than 8 hours of use per day. 

The bottom line is this: social media content is perhaps the most valuable commodity in the world of digital entertainment — and influencers are masters at creating it. 

Benefits of Targeting Hyper-Specific Audiences

Niche influencer marketing is an excellent way to connect with very specific audiences within your broader target demographic. By engaging in hyper-targeting, you can:

Improve ROI

Search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, and niche influencer marketing have a shared goal: getting your content in front of the right audiences at the ideal time in their journey. All forms of marketing have a margin of error. However, as long as you choose the right partners, niche influencers are exceptionally skilled at connecting with relevant members of your target audience. 

By working with niche influencers in particular, you can make every marketing dollar count. Niche influencer marketing allows you to enjoy a strong return on investment and drive traffic to your site or store. 

Keep Ad Spend in Check

Speaking of making the most of your marketing dollars, working with niche influencers is also a great cost-saving strategy. It may be tempting to set your sights on a mega influencer. However, niche influencers are far more affordable, and they can still produce a great return. 

According to HubSpot, TikTok mega influencers charged over $1,000 per post in 2021. Niche influencers charge far less, and many may even work with your brand in exchange for a small commission or free merchandise. 

Accelerate the Adoption of New Products or Services

Are you preparing to release a new product or service? If so, hyper-targeting prospective users via influencer posts is a great way to ensure your product makes a big splash when it hits the market.

When potential customers see their favorite micro influencer using your product or raving about your service, they will be instantly intrigued. Many may even decide to give it a try themselves. 

Expand Your Reach 

Hyper-targeting is also a great tactic for breaking into new market segments or geographic regions. When you set your sights on expansion, consider partnering with a niche influencer who has a strong following with your target audience. 

Working with influencers allows you to borrow some of their credibility. Instead of trying to build new customer relationships from the ground up, you can leverage the foundation of trust that your influencer partners have already cultivated. 

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3 Tips to Jumpstart Your Niche Influencer Marketing Campaign

Are you interested in using niche influencer marketing to build your brand and boost sales? If so, here are three simple tips to keep in mind when evaluating prospective influencer partners:

  1. Prioritize Relevance

Above all else, you need to ensure that the influencer’s audience aligns with the demographic you want to target. For instance, if you intend to focus on males aged 18–24, a demographic that composes >80% of the influencer’s following, they are probably a great fit for your marketing strategy.

Another way to zero in on influencers in your vertical is to search for relevant hashtags. For example, if you sell car care products, you could look up hashtags like #carcare, #detailing, or #carwash. Conducting a hashtag search allows you to identify influential people who are discussing products or services similar to your own. 

  1. Examine Engagement Rates

Niche influencer marketing is all about quality over quantity. Make sure to apply this fundamental concept to your search for influencer partners. 

One of the best ways to determine whether someone is a quality partner is by browsing their content. Watch a few clips and read some of their latest posts. Do you believe that the tone and style would appeal to your customer base? 

In addition to checking out their content, pay close attention to how much engagement each post receives. If a niche influencer has 50,000 followers but only receives a few hundred likes per post, their engagement is a bit on the low side. Ideally, you want an influencer partner who is accumulating thousands of likes or reactions per post. 

  1. Ensure Alignment With Your Brand Values

While niche influencers are lending you their reach, you are also sharing your brand’s credibility and reputation. Influencers become brand ambassadors and must represent your organization in a positive light.

Before entering into an influencer partnership, ensure that the creator shares many of the same values as your company. For instance, if you want your brand to be synonymous with integrity, transparency, and light-heartedness, find an influencer whose content exhibits these qualities. 

Dial In Your Next Campaign With Niche Influencers

Collaborating with niche influencers is an excellent way to revamp your existing social media marketing strategy or breathe new life into an existing one. 

As you integrate these concepts into your brand-building strategy, make sure to carefully vet any prospective partners. And don’t be afraid to take chances or move on from influencers who simply are not the right fit for your business. 

However, when used in conjunction with other marketing techniques, niche influencer marketing can be a powerful revenue-generating catalyst. The right network of influencer partners will empower you to hyper-target key audiences, drive relevant traffic to your website, and boost sales.

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Sarah Edwards

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