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Templates for Email Marketing: How to Craft Effective Emails + 4 Email Samples

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Published 31 Aug 2022

Email is consistently one of the best ways to engage prospective customers online. It works even better when you take advantage of one of the most powerful email automation tools there is. When you use templates for email marketing, you can reach individuals at any stage of the customer journey with the right marketing messages.

Unfortunately, many companies fail to take advantage of opportunities to automate their marketing emails.

Use of Automated Emails by Marketers

Source: Business 2 Community

What Are Templates for Email Marketing?

Templates for email marketing serve as a framework for communicating with prospective and existing customers through their inboxes. Brands use these to automate email campaigns. 

If you have an email template for a particular opportunity to engage customers, you simply send the right email with dynamic information, such as the customer’s name, merged in. 

Tips for Writing Engaging Templates for Email Marketing

These tips will help you compose better marketing emails for any occasion.

Templates for Email Marketing Need a Powerful Subject Line

The email subject line will motivate the recipient to either open your email or swipe it away. It is a key component of any marketing email template. Your subject line should:

  • Be brief enough to display on mobile notification screens
  • Contain action words
  • Align with your email content

Don’t treat your subject line as an afterthought. Take as much time to compose it as you do the email.

Focus on Benefits Instead of Features

How do you convince readers to take action on your email instead of going to another company that sells the same products and services? In most cases, getting people to answer your call to action is all about showcasing the benefits of doing so, not focusing on the features.

For example, if you are introducing a “green” cleaning service, you could send an email detailing the products you use and the steps you take to clean every home. Or better yet, you could focus on what most potential customers want: a clean home, time savings, and a safe environment for kids and pets.

Make It Relevant Quickly

Templates for email marketing should be designed with the skimmer in mind. The recipient should be able to glance over the first few lines and know exactly why that email is relevant to them.

For example, if the email is related to a recent purchase, put the name of the product and date of purchase in bold print near the top of the email. This will grab the reader’s attention and let them know that email applies to them.

Avoid the Spam Filter

Some words and phrases could cause your marketing emails to land in the spam folder. Try to avoid keywords like these:

  • Act now
  • 100% free
  • Be your own boss
  • $$$
  • Extra cash!

Even if they don’t land in spam, these words and phrases often set off red flags for the reader. Test emails relentlessly to avoid this.

Email testing guide

Source: Hubspot

4 Sample Templates for Email Marketing

Here are example templates for email marketing. These cover some very common opportunities to reach your audience.

  1. Event Promotions

Email is a great way to promote upcoming events for your business, such as sales, grand openings, webinars, or product launches. Here is a template for encouraging registrations.

Subject: Get Started with Marketing Automation in One Day

Hello [recipient],

We’re sending this notice because you expressed interest in learning more about marketing automation. Good news! We’re offering a one-day webinar, [course name] on [date], that offers fresh information to help your team save time and money.

Ready to use marketing automation to run efficient campaigns? Click the link below for details and to register.

We’ll see you there!

  1. Customer Success

Customer onboarding and success efforts are imperative for brands that sell subscription-based services or high-end products. One winning approach is to send a stream of customer success emails that include everything from tips on setup and troubleshooting to advanced information for power users.

Subject: Enjoy the Best In-Home Audio Experience

Dear [customer]

Thank you for your recent purchase of the Audio 3000 in-home sound system. By now, a technician has installed and configured your system for you. Now, we want to make sure you can maximize your enjoyment of this product.

To do that, we’ll be sending a series of helpful emails. This first one will focus on common troubleshooting tips, which you can view in this video.

If your sound system doesn’t sound absolutely perfect, you’re always welcome to contact support. 

You can also check out our YouTube channel. We’d love to have you as a subscriber.

  1. Cold Outreach

Cold prospecting is nobody’s favorite approach to customer outreach, but it really does work. Unfortunately, it can take a significant amount of time to write emails to start relationships with prospective clients, establish your authority, or ask for an introduction. This email template is ideal for introducing your brand and establishing your expertise.

Subject: Want to Improve Employee Retention by [Case Study Metric]?

Hello [recipient],

We were able to achieve this with [company name] and are confident that we can do the same for your organization. 

Customer retention is challenging, especially as [your industry] faces:

  • [challenges]

I’m attaching [case study link], which details how we help businesses like yours maintain strong, competitive teams. Would you be open to a 15-minute call to further discuss what [business name] can do to address your biggest staffing challenges?

Schedule a meeting by clicking below!

  1. Customer Reengagement

It can be easier and more cost-effective to reengage a customer than acquire a new one. Here’s a brief template to accomplish that.

Subject: We Have Something New for You

Hey [customer],

We noticed your subscription lapsed. When that happens, it’s often because our customer is struggling to fit [service] into their budget. 

Well, we think that every small business deserves help with [pain point]. Check out [new subscription tier], a new budget-friendly option.

If you resubscribe at this level, you will receive:

  • [benefits]

We will even throw in a [discount percentage] if you act in the next 30 days.

Save Time and Resources with Email Templates

With the right templates for email marketing, your business can cast a wide net with your marketing messages, all without engaging in repetitive writing tasks. The templates here may work for you as is, or they might simply serve as inspiration. If you need help with any aspect of email outreach, contact Galactic Fed for a free consultation.

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Sarah Edwards

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