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What Are the Benefits of Guest Post Link-Building?

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Natalie Yelton

Content Writer @ Galactic Fed

Published 15 Jul 2021

Let’s make an educated guess that you’ve heard of guest blog posting.

Businesses have continued to use guest posts or guest blogging for over 14 years now, and it’s no surprise why. Guest blog posting remains one of the most effective white-hat link-building practices, creating relevant, quality links, driving traffic to your site, and boosting SEO in the process.  

Guest post benefits


What has changed in the 14 years since we started guest posting? As trends come and go, the approach that achieves the best results is what has shifted.

And why does guest post link-building remain so effective in 2021 and beyond? Because it’s affordable, sustainable, and adds value. If your business hasn’t already, they should be building guest post link-building into your SEO strategy as a top priority.

Keep reading to learn what exactly guest post link-building is, get up to speed on the benefits it can provide to your firm, and take home Galactic Fed’s top tips for getting started with guest post link-building today. 

Why listen to us? 

Well, we’re made up of a whole team of link-building experts who specialize in guest blogging. Our tailored content strategy for tech company Enplug helped them achieve first-page ranking and increase their backlink profile by 34%.

Before diving into guest post link-building, you may want to read through our introduction to link building if this is an entirely new practice for you. 

Right, let’s get started! 

What is guest post link-building? 

Guest blog posts or guest posting is a method where a website owner invites authors or guest bloggers to post on their site’s blog. 

By publishing articles as a guest blogger, you can access new and relevant audiences, position your company as a topic expert in your field, and you can build backlinks to your own website. You could say it’s a win-win situation for you and the other company or blogger. Guest posts generate more traffic, more leads, improve reputation, boost brand awareness, all while being exceptionally powerful for your company’s SEO. 

Don’t forget, Google uses backlinks as a ranking signal for calculating website authority and analyzing reputation. Guest blog posting can help you grow your search engine rankings, thanks to referral traffic.

Why your business should be guest post link-building 

It helps you reach the people that matter 

One of the most, if not the most important factors, to think about when building links is relevance.

Securing a link to a SaaS product page on a website with high traffic is excellent, but if that website has nothing to do with your company’s target page, it won’t add much value. Guest posting lets you improve the relevance of your links with a greater degree of control than other link-building methods out there. 

Guest blog posting also allows you to target the right audiences for your link. Just one link on a relevant site puts your business in front of high-quality leads, improving the value of your link in the process.

It puts your business in the driver’s seat 

A crucial benefit of guest posting is that it gives you greater control over the links you build. The most substantial backlink profiles are a dynamic makeup of anchor texts: branded, generic, exact match, and partial match.

Guest posting allows you to build a backlink profile that meets the needs of your customers. It also lets you choose the annotation text surrounding the link. 

The copy around your links acts as a signal to Google’s algorithm, informing it about the target web page’s content and relevance. Writing a guest post lets you provide the exact annotation text you want for your link, helping you build backlinks that add genuine value to your domain.

Get more bang for your buck 

When it comes to quality guest post link-building, quality will win over quantity more times than not. Quality links are sustainable, and they continue to add value over time, rather than simply providing a brief spike traffic to your website followed by a drop.

Yes, you could build hundreds of links on private blog networks (PBNs.)

You won’t gain the quality of backlinks built through guest blog posting (and can skyrocket in price.) The cost of setup and the resource needed in building a PBN can be several times required for an optimal guest post link-building campaign and often deliver fewer links.

We won’t deny that building quality links at a larger scale through guest posting can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. In the end, guest posting gives you a more significant amount of quality links with a smaller price tag.

Galactic Fed tips: getting started with guest blog posting 

Here are four tips from the folks at Galactic Fed to assist you in getting started with guest blog posting. And to really supercharge your link-building campaign, check out our six proven tips that go beyond guest blogging:

Google search on submitting a guest post

  • Search operators provide an optimal way to find guest blog opportunities on Google. For example, you can search something like sustainability “submit a guest post.”
  • Do an online search for resources that syndicate the blogs that invite guest posts.
  • Perform a backlink analysis of your main competitors and find out where they are posting content.
  • Undertake a little research into the top bloggers in your industry and approach them to collaborate.

Guest post link-building that supercharges your company’s SEO

We hope we’ve convinced you of the immense power guest post link-building can wield when it comes to boosting your firm’s SEO. 

And it’s not just your SEO that’s set to benefit. You’ll drive traffic to your website and build quality links that add value and are sustainable. Most importantly, you’re able to do this all at a fraction of the price of other guest post link-building tactics. 

If we have whetted your appetite for all things link-building and want to take it a step further, take a look at our five link-building strategies you need to know in 2021. 

And as always, Galactic Fed is here to join your team as a trusted guest post link-building expert if you so wish to have us! Contact us today. We’d love to help out. 

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Natalie Yelton

Content Writer @ Galactic Fed

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