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Chisos - Keyword Research, Bidding Strategy, Google Ads

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Increasing CTR With Keyword Research And Bidding Strategy

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Keyword Research Bidding Strategy
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The story

The Story:

Chisos writes checks of $15,000-$50,000 to invest in idea and early stage startup businesses.

Many companies aren’t right for venture capital and most don’t qualify for bank loans. For these businesses, Chisos is the right choice.

They provide capital to idea- and early stage startups using a new investment approach called a Convertible Income Share Agreement, or CISA - a unique combination of equity and an income share agreement. Chisos provides capital, resources and community, supporting clients along the path of entrepreneurship.

Chisos partnered with Galactic Fed with the goal of obtaining additional early stage entrepreneurs to apply for their funding while also promoting their next fund.  

The Strategy:

To begin, Galactic Fed created keyword buckets and separated the campaigns by brand, competitor and category campaigns.The Galactic Fed team category campaigns were bucketed by keywords such as “startup funding,” “ai funding,” “angel investors, etc.”

They also created separate campaigns by keywords themes like “Investors” and “WeFunder.” By using this strategy, they were able to target all of the potential keywords related to the business within their allotted budget.

The Success:

Chisos Infographic of the Galactic Fed performance results.

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