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Basic Space - Email Marketing

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Bespoke Email Marketing Campaign Re-engages 46% of Dormant E-commerce Platform Subscribers

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Email Marketing
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The story

Basic Space combines inspiration and intent into one marketplace that’s curated directly by creatives, designers, brands, and individuals. Each of them fashions a personal flagship store that’s an authentic representation of their lifestyle. 

Having no sponsored content or ads, Basics Space relies heavily on email marketing and subscriber engagement. Galactic Fed was tasked with giving a make-over to their strategy to improve open and click rates as well as reactivating dormant subscribers.

The Strategy

To capture the platform’s creative spirit, the team at Galactic Fed recommended going beyond the traditional promotional format. The goal was to separate Basic Space from the crowd of other e-commerce companies that flood these users with buy-now emails. How exactly did they do that?

The team created automated series consisting of witty and fun questions to improve engagement and learn more about the subscribers. Based on their answers, personalized tags were assigned to user profiles on Basic Space to customize further communication and product recommendations. 

In terms of optimization, the team tested various fashion and lifestyle questions to find out what subscribers are most interested in. They also segmented the subscriber list to separate engaged and unengaged contacts and get more precise data on campaigns’ performance and user insights.

The Success

It’s safe to say, the new collection of Basic Space emails was acclaimed even by the harshest critics - almost 50% of subscribers that had never engaged with the brand turned into active contacts. 

Engaged subscribers:

  • 2,821 emails sent
  • 66.5% open rate
  • 7% click rate
  • 10.5% clicks per unique open

Unengaged subscribers:

  • 6,386 emails sent
  • 46% dormant subscribers re-engaged
  • 12.7% open rate
  • 0.3% click rate
  • 2.5% clicks per unique open

Galactic Fed performance results

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