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Geofencing and Geo APIs - Keyword Research, Content Strategy

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Boost Referring Domains and Backlinks thru Geoefencing SEO Strategy

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The story

Client Overview:

Galactic Fed worked with a client who creates developer-friendly, privacy-first geofencing and geo APIs that help product and growth teams build amazing location-based app experiences.

The company wanted to invest in link building and SEO efforts to scale their online presence, so Galactic Fed crafted an SEO strategy tailored for them and brought their expertise to the table: keyword research, content strategy, site audit, internal link architecture, and of course, white hat link building which sits at the core of our SEO strategy.


As with all the projects that Galactic Fed takes on, understanding the brand, the nature of the client’s business, the industry it belongs in, its competitors, and key consumers and target market was the first step in building an effective strategy that would help them achieve their goals. Through comprehensive keyword research, the Galactic Fed team uncovered all content opportunities that would be essential in building links and hitting SEO targets. Based on this research, Galactic Fed crafted a content plan that would pull their rankings up and also continuously worked on the internal link architecture of the site. Next, Galactic Fed ran a complete audit of the entire site and resolved all issues the team identified, including meta descriptions and title tags, page load speed issues, broken links, etc.

Performance Results:

The engagement was short but the efforts resulted in the increase of the number of unique domains pointing to the site and the number of keywords it ranked for- these metrics went up 8% and 6% respectively. Based on the trends that Galactic Fed saw during the course of the engagement, our efforts would have brought more growth and progress with a bit more time and a few more customizations.

Link Building Engagement Date Range: 06/24/2019 - 09/30/2019

8% increase in referring domains

  • 378 valuable links after 2 month of outreach campaign
  • 350 referring domains before our engagement.

    • (378 - 350 ) / 350 = 8%

6% increase in keywords ranking in top 100

  • 2,598 keywords ranking in top 100 after 2 months of engagement
  • 2,461 keywords ranking in top 100 during the start of engagement

    • (2,738 - 2,461 ) / 2,461 = 6%

      Client: Geofencing and Geo APIs Galactic Fed Performance Results

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