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Flight Compensation Company - Link Building Strategy

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Supercharge Your Referring Domains With Customized Link Building

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Link Building
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The story

Client Overview:

A flight compensation company brought in Galactic Fed to implement a link builing strategy. This was part of the overall outreach marketing strategy that would help them inform travelers about two things: A. The European law that protects air passengers’ rights; and B. Filing and receiving compensation for delayed and cancelled flights that fall under the Flight Compensation Regulation in the European Union is easier with the help of their platform.

Raising awareness was the main objective of the project, and the Galactic Fed team brought their SEO and digital marketing expertise to the table to make it happen.


The main goal was to inform, and the best way to do that is to design a content strategy that involves producing high-quality articles that lay out all the information that travelers need when it comes to the compensation they are entitled to. So the team dug in and listed down all relevant keywords that would not only bring in clicks but would also help us understand the pain points of our audience so that our content strategy is specifically designed to answer those queries. So based on our keyword research, the Galactic Fed team crafted a list of topics to be published on the client’s blog.

Galactic Fed also needed opportunities to share all this information so the team put together an outreach team to offer these articles to blogs and publications, which helped spread out the word, and at the same time built the client’s authority by earning numerous citations from relevant sites.

Performance Results:

The engagement lasted four months, but the work Galactic Fed put in in just a short period brought in real results for the client. After four months of performing a link building campaign, the number of unique domains pointing to the site reached more than a 24% increase. More importantly, the site’s average visitors per month grew from less than 21,000 before Galactic Fed started the engagement to nearly 23,000, by the time Galactic Fed wrapped it up, which makes a 10% growth in organic traffic.

Link Building Engagement Date Range: 10/03/2019 - 02/28/2020

24.09% increase in referring domains

  • 752 valuable links after 4 months of an outreach campaign
  • 606 referring domains before our engagement.

    • (752 - 606) / 606= 24.09%

Organic traffic from Oct 3, 2019 vs. Feb 28, 2020

10% increase in growth in organic traffic

  • 22,692 visitors 4 months of an outreach campaign
  • 20,633 visitors before our engagement.

    • (22,692 - 20,633) / 20,633= 10%

Organic traffic from Oct 3, 2019 vs. Feb 28, 2020

Galactic Fed performance result

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