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How We Grew Referring Domains by 40% for a Cleaning Company

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The story

Client Overview:

The client is a New York-based company that offers professional cleaning services for offices, homes, schools, and businesses around the city. Their website, which houses all information about the company and the services they provide, as well as a full blog, needed to be cleaned up and optimized so that their online efforts were as effective as their offline ones.

This is where Galactic Fed came in. To make sure the client didn’t lose any business opportunity, the team examined the site, made a diagnosis, and provided the solutions: site audit, link building, and content creation.


The Galactic Fed team ran a technical SEO audit on the entire site to catch issues and problematic pages, and make sure that the Google best practices were observed. After issues were identified, recommendations were provided, including hundreds of meta copy for all the pages that either didn’t have them or were not written with SEO optimization in mind.

To boost the overall ranking, the team also kicked off an outreach campaign that brought relevant and valuable backlinks to the site. This effort was matched with keyword research based content creation. Galactic Fed crafted well-written articles that contributed in achieving both goals of ranking for more keywords and building more high-quality links.

Performance Results:

In just a little over a year, Galactic Fed and the client saw an increase in all the key metrics that identified the success and growth of the site. Both referring domains and backlinks grew by 40% and 59% respectively. The SEO efforts also drew in 39% more visitors per month, and the site ranked for a total of 73% more keywords by the time the engagement ended.

Engagement Date Range: 01/05/2019 - 04/17/2020

40% increase in referring domains

  • 1008 referring domains by the end of engagement.
  • 718 referring domains at the start of engagement.

    • (1,008 - 718) / 718 = 40%

59% increase in backlinks

  • 4,574 valuable links by the end of engagement.
  • 1,853 backlinks at the start of engagement.

    • (4,574 - 1,853) / 4,574 = 59%

37% increase in organic traffic

  • 2,617 visitors by the end of engagement.
  • 1,914 visitors at the start of engagement

    • (2,617 - 1,914) / 1,914 = 37%

73% increase in keywords ranking in top

  • 10,394 keywords ranked by the end of engagement
  • 6,010 keywords ranking in top 10 during the start of engagement

    • (10,394 - 6,010) / 6,010 = 73%

Growth of backlinks from Jan 4, 2019, vs Jan 1, 2020.

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