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Gigster - SEO Strategy, Keywords Research, Website Analytics

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Tailored SEO Strategy Increased Backlinks and Top Ranking Keywords for Gigster

SEO Processes

SEO Strategy Keywords Research Website Analytics Dashboard Creation
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illustration of case study: Tailored SEO Strategy Increased Backlinks and Top Ranking Keywords for Gigster

The story

Client Overview:

Gigster helps companies expand their ability to innovate by building dynamic teams made up of top global talent who create industry-changing custom software. It has helped more than 500 companies deliver 1,000-plus software projects using hybrid teams that combine in-house and freelance talent.

With the goal of increasing the performance of the Gigster website and get more traffic, engagement, and conversions, Galactic Fed designed a marketing program that optimized Gigsters content and improve its SEO performance including link building, monthly Google best practices audit, keyword research and content strategy, website analytics and SEO dashboard creation, and SEO consulting.


The team produced branded and non-branded keyword research that informed the most high-impact target topics for Gigster’s thought leadership content. They also built a comprehensive website analytics and SEO dashboard to inform their decisions on what content is working, what needs to be improved, where to drive links, etc. In addition, content was optimized for SEO performance and link building.

Beyond thought leadership content, Galactic Fed also determined any landing pages or other content types that would bring high-intent traffic to the site.

The team also engaged in SEO consulting, advising on topics ranging from page design to technical implementation.

Performance Results:

Three months into the engagement, the number of backlinks pointing to the Gigster site already increased by 10%. It also started ranking in the top 10 for 67% more keywords. As the team performed monthly audits of the entire sitemap, possible issues that could lead to Google penalization or de-ranking were caught, addressed, and repaired. One notable instance was detecting an error in the site build process that was leading to pages being de-indexed from Google, and coming up with a solution with Gigster’s engineering team to fix it.

Engagement Date Range: 4/1/2020 - 6/30/2020

10% increase in backlinks

  • 5,163 valuable links after 1 month of outreach campaign
  • 4,696 backlinks before our engagement.

    • (5,163 - 4,696) / 4,696 = 10%

67% increase in keywords ranking in top 10

  • 25 keywords ranking in top 10 after barely 3 months of engagement
  • 15 keywords ranking in top 10 during the start of engagement

    • (25 - 15 ) / 15 = 67%
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