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How Lifestyle Marketing Drove Growth for HigherDOSE

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Brand Analysis Link-building Site Audit
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The story

Client Overview:

HigherDOSE is one of the leaders in beauty biohacking, providing experiential infrared sauna products and services in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Europe.

HigherDOSE aims to keep being at the forefront of the beauty biohacking industry and be an established expert in the space by publishing well-researched informational articles that bring more insights to existing and prospective customers. 

This goal led them to seek a partnership with the SEO experts at Galactic Fed, who, as soon as the engagement started, began ensuring that the HigherDOSE site was in the best shape possible. The Galactic Fed content team added articles based on extensive keyword research and brand analysis, to make sure the content was spot-on and targeted the right audience. These efforts helped boost engagement and organic traffic of the site.


Galactic Fed launched the SEO project and worked closely with the HigherDOSE team by performing complete brand analysis that would aid in formulating the perfect strategy.

Keyword research was one of the most important first steps. It allowed the team to get to know HigherDOSE’s target audience better, which allowed for the content team to put together articles that speak to potential customers. 

A well-thought-out link architecture was also incorporated in each article, to make sure they are optimized and the link equity across pages is well-distributed.

These high-quality articles were then utilized for a targeted link building campaign, the aim of which is to grow the site’s authority and secure top positions on SERP.

To strengthen HigherDOSE’s backlink profile and improve its rankings, Galactic Fed also ensured that their link building strategy was aligned with Google Best Practices, acquiring highly relevant inbound links in the health, wellness, and lifestyle industries.

An in-depth technical site audit was also done on a regular basis so technical issues that matter in terms of user experience were promptly addressed, and Google algorithm factors such as page speed, meta tags, internal and external links, and canonicalization were uncovered and resolved immediately.

Galactic Fed provided constant SEO support, sharing their knowledge in SEO best practices so both teams’ efforts were aligned, and the work done contributed to the overall and long-term growth of the website.

Performance Results:

As HigherDOSE continued to provide the highest quality product and services, the Galactic Fed team worked in the background, bringing valuable inbound links, keeping content optimized, and making sure the website was at its best in all aspects.

The link building campaign, which was fueled by well-researched, insightful articles crafted by Galactic Fed, contributed to the improvement of the site’s performance. This was evident in the 86.20%  increase in referring domains, 84.49% increase in referring pages, and 101.53% organic traffic.

The site also saw a 10-point increase in domain rating, going from 47 before the engagement to 57 as of June 02, 2021, suggesting a stronger backlink profile overall.

Both non-branded and core transactional keywords performed well. “Biohacking” search query garnered 72.72% more clicks and 127.02% impressions, while the keyword “sauna blanket” gained 12.05% more clicks, and 123.50% impressions compared to 3 months before the engagement. From March 2021 to June 2, 2021, the keyword “PEMF mat” has had a total of 854 clicks and 7,914 impressions. 

Overall, there has been a 17.32% increase in clicks and a 109.47% increase in impressions. This suggests improved organic visibility online.

The collaboration between HigherDOSE and Galactic Fed yielded positive results on the website’s SEO. HigherDOSE also now has a better understanding of key SEO best practices that help them in maintaining a well-optimized site.

HigherDOSE Infographic of the Galactic Fed performance results.

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