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Developed a Google & Facebook Ads strategy that increased revenue 300%

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The story

Client Overview: Maple Guild is one of the largest organic Maple Syrup producers in the United States with strong retail relationships sold nation-wide in Walmart. Maple Guild farms, produces, packages, and sells organic Grade-A Vermont maple syrup. Since its inception, they have branched into multiple maple products including vinegar, soft drinks, flavored syrups, butters, creams, and more.

Before Galactic Fed, Maple Guild had never done any paid media or digital marketing outside of building a website. Their website was built in 2018 (approximately one year before contract start) and had less than 100 customers throughout that year purchase directly on their website.

Our goal was to create base metrics to determine the feasibility of scaling paid media efforts. This includes showcasing conversion rates, cost per add to carts/purchases, ROAS, and brand awareness metrics such as ad recall lift and social media following.

Strategy: Google Ads

Our Google Ads strategy consisted of a mix of Search (70% of Budget), Smart Display (10% of Budget), and Smart Shopping (20% of Budget).

Our search campaigns consisted of two types of campaigns on Google:

  • Brand Campaigns - Targeting Maple Guild brand queries
  • Competitor Campaigns - Targeting queries for other large syrup producers

We used Google Shopping Campaigns for generic keywords and SKU related keywords to push for purchase.

\ Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads budget was split 50 / 50 between Conversion Campaigns (optimizing for Add To Cart due to little data) and Brand Awareness (optimizing for Ad Recall Lift).

During the Holiday season (Black Friday / Christmas), budget switched to 75% conversion and 25% brand awareness leading to timing specific coupons and deals for Maple Guild packaged products.

\ Landing Page Development

For Maple Guild, top product specific landing pages were created to increase conversion rate to purchase, simplify checkout / decision-making, and lower steps / clicks taken to get individuals to purchase.

Associated with these landing pages were bespoke 10% discounts for immediate purchasers, creating an urgency effect and increasing purchase rates.

Performance Results: Google Ads

  • Average ROAS - 2.18

    • ROAS During Holiday Campaigns - 3.67
    • ROAS On Black Friday - 9.6
    • ROAS On Cyber Monday - 19.8
  • Average Cost Per Purchase - $22.34
  • Average Purchase Value - $48.71
  • 121 Overall Purchase from Google Ads in 4 Months

    • Compared to less than 100 for a year

Facebook Ads

  • Estimated Ad Recall Lift from 12% to 27%
  • Holiday Campaign Purchases - 62
  • ROAS - 2.81
  • 106 Overall Purchases from Facebook Ads in 5 Months

    • Compared to less than 100 for a year

\ Overall

  • Combined 227 purchases in 5 Months and +$10k in Revenue

    • Compared to less than 100 purchases and $3k in revenue in one year before launch
    • Over 300% in Revenue Increase
    • Over 200% in Purchases Increase
  • 75% of all Online Sales in Q3 and Q4 of 2019 came from Google and Facebook Advertising

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