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Targeted Google Search Ads Strategy Drove Leads Up for Mental Health Care Platform

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The story

Client Overview: Alma is a two-sided marketplace - a networking community wherein therapists (providers) join as members and host their private practices for patients, with the Alma platform’s support. Alma helps therapists grow, manage, and expand their practices by increasing their client base. Alma works with clients (people seeking therapists) to find the right therapist to meet their needs.

With the growing number of providers, Alma’s need was for Galactic Fed to create a strategy that would grow the number of consultation leads to accommodate for this growth.

Strategy: Google Search Ads

  • Focusing on B2C with the intention of driving increased therapist consultation leads.

Galactic Fed started building B2C campaigns in March 2020 while targeting only New York City.

The first priority the Galactic Fed team wanted to improve for our B2C (Consultation Leads) was focused more on category keywords (outside of the Alma branded keywords). With that in mind, the Galactic Fed team created highly relevant therapist-related keywords to increase both our clicks and impressions share.

With consistent learnings and location expansion, Galactic Fed increased consultation leads month-over-month with the majority of the leads coming from non-Alma branded keywords.

Performance Results:

  • From April to May, the client saw a 264% increase in consultations leads. CPL decreased from $184 to $62.
  • May to June, the client saw a 64% increase in consultations leads.
  • From June onwards, the number of consultation leads has remained consistent.
  • Current CPL averages around $47.
  • Keeping a consistent number of leads and lowered CPLs while maintaining the same average spend each month.
  • Maintaining an average CTR of 4.16%.

Galactic Fed’s future strategy will be to continue scaling consultation leads through Display Remarketing and YouTube campaigns while maintaining the current volume and CPL of consultation leads through Search campaigns.

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