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Early Stage Telehealth Startup - A/B Testing, Copy Testing, Landing Pages

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Lowered ad campaign CPAs 68% and increased conversions in one week

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illustration of case study: How Galactic Fed lowered ad Campaign CPAs 68% in one week

The story

Client Overview:

Initially, this Early Stage Telehealth Startup had a few problems getting started. Being in the telemedicine space is tough on Facebook Ads, and often can result in unwarranted takedowns and suspension of ad accounts. Galactic Fed ran into this quite early on in the account - but collaborated with Torch to eventually get their ads approved on a regular basis.

The second hurdle came when Galactic Fed finally moved out of the pre-order phase and started promoting the weight loss products for purchase. During the pre-order phase of the campaigns, Galactic Fed were able to effectively drive $46 Cost Per Pre-Order on the weight-loss plans that this company had sold. However, during launch, we saw that Cost Per Purchase sharply rose to $110 over the course of a week. Galactic Fed and this Early Stage Telehealth Startup collaborated on a way to remedy this through various tests.

Strategy: The Galactic Fed team tested a ton of different tactics while trying to lower the Purchase CPA after the pre-order phase. This included:

  • Creative A/B testing
  • Dynamic vs. Static Creative Testing
  • Audience List LAL vs. Interest Targeting
  • Copy Testing
  • Pricing Tests
  • Landing Page Tests

What we found worked the best for everyone was consolidating our lookalike campaigns into one strong top-performing campaign leveraging bid optimization. We ran static creative tests, and we worked with the team to create a stronger draw to the product itself. This Telehealth Startup achieved this by creating a survey for users to go through to determine if they were suitable for our product or not. This survey educated users and allowed them to understand how important this product would be to them, should they be eligible for it.

These campaign changes, especially taking the further step to survey users prior to purchase, helped drive down campaign CPAs by 68% and nearly 10x’d conversions over a week’s time period.

Performance Results:

  • Growth of the account from $300/day to $1500/day with sustainable growth and CPAs
  • Reduction of CPA from $110 down to $36 per new purchaser
  • Growth of 15 Purchases per week to 111 Purchases /week
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