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Achieved first page ranking and increased backlink profile 34% with tailored content strategy

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illustration of case study: Achieved First Page Ranking and Increased Backlinks by 34%

The story

Client Overview:

Recognized by Forbes and TechCrunch, Enplug provides one of the most popular digital signage software used by multinational companies to show interactive content on displays. Their world-class product enables companies to increase employee engagement and customer satisfaction by providing real-time information like live social media feeds, dashboards, webpages, and more, through their digital displays.

Looking to leverage their online presence and better optimize their website, they partnered with Galactic Fed for a custom SEO strategy to achieve their team key objectives - fix technical issues within their site for improved user experience, achieve first-page ranking on search engines, enrich their backlink profile, and optimize their link architecture.


The team launched the engagement with thorough research on the client’s buyer’s journey, niche, and industry to better understand and carefully formulate the plan of action. Galactic Fed audited the sitemap of the client’s website, revealing multiple technical issues that needed to be fixed that result in negative SEO impact. For each of these issues, Galactic Fed provided actionable recommendations and worked with the client’s marketing team to ensure the correct execution of the action items.

The Galactic Fed team also conducted in-depth keyword research to identify the top keywords that will bring the most relevant traffic to the client’s site. This was used to create valuable SEO content across all pages including page titles and meta descriptions as well as blog posts ensuring that the user journey was taken into consideration.

Galactic Fed also spearheaded a collaboration with relevant third party sites including software and technology resource pages, small and medium company businesses, and niche personal blogs from technology experts, that earned the client numerous mentions and PR partnership opportunities. This not only enriched the client’s backlink profile but also increased wider international brand awareness.

The team ensured that there is an optimized flow of link value throughout the site by providing thoughtful recommendations for how pages can best relate between one another, leading to an improved user experience/engagement of the site’s content.

Performance Results:

Upon the execution of the actionable recommendations provided by Galactic Fed, the site now complies with Google best practices that continue to positively impact the overall organic growth of the site. This also allowed the client’s internal team to better understand what practices must be kept in mind as the site grows which will definitely benefit the client throughout their journey.

The client’s backlink profile increased by 34% in a span of four months. Before partnering with Galactic Fed, the client had 1,229 backlinks. Then, after four months, this rose to 1,644 links pointing to the client’s site, gaining an average of 81 organic links per month.

More organic SEO gains were observed as the engagement continues. The organic search traffic increased by 53% that evidently suggests that there is increased visibility and that the client continues to dominate their industry.

In addition to this, more organic keywords ranked in the top 100. The numbers doubled and there were 11,451 new keywords ranking in four months of engagement. Initially, there were 808 keywords ranking on the first page of SERPs, then this increased to 1,609 as the engagement continues, suggesting an effective content strategy.

Overall, the cohesive SEO strategy tailored to the client’s objectives improved the site rankings and online presence in just a short period of time.

Engagement Date Range: 01/27/2020 - Present

34% increase in backlinks

  • 1,644 valuable links during Galactic Fed engagement.
  • 1,229 backlinks before Galactic Fed engagement.
  • (1,644 - 1,229) / 1,229 = 34%
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