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EverFast - Brand Book

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Galactic Fed’s Creative Studio Builds a Brand Book in Record Time for Fiber Internet Company

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illustration of case study: Galactic Fed’s Creative Studio Builds a Brand Book in Record Time for Fiber Internet Company

The story

EverFast serves the Kansas City market with fast and reliable fiber internet with strong local support. They’ve been in the game since 1999 and provide connection to over 140,000 residential homes and thousands of businesses in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Towards the end of 2022, they re-branded and needed urgent creative help with a brand book. Galactic Fed’s Creative Studio was up for the task.

The Strategy

The Galactic Fed team faced two big challenges. First, a tight deadline of just a few weeks to put together the first-ever brandbook from scratch. Second, it was crucial to create synergy with the old logo style to make sure the customers (old and potential) could still recognize the brand.

EverFast is seen as a local company with a strong sense of neighborhood and community. To emphasize this, the Galactic Fed team preserved the already-familiar tone of voice and style, showcasing the brand as approachable, trustworthy, and reliable. 

At the same time, the team recommended adding more contemporary elements, drops of secondary colors, and visual dynamics to underline EverFast’s future-ready approach.

The Summary

A 30-page brand book covers all the key aspects of EverFast’s visual identity and provides guidance for potential use cases.

It consists of:

  • Logo, Colors, and Typography guidelines
  • Imagery, Iconography, and design elements recommendations
  • Application visualization on stationery, merchandise, social media, website, and OOH advertising

With minimal requests for design changes from the client, Galactic Fed was able to deliver the brandbook on time. EverFast is now actively using this brand book for all their marketing efforts.

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