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Home-Run SEO Strategy Brings 45% More Traffic to Remote Work Platform

SEO Processes

SEO Site Audit Content Strategy Internal Link Architecture Link-building
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The story

Celerative makes hiring top tech talent an easy job. They provide startups with a one-stop solution to seamlessly employ, manage, and pay remote developers. Competition in the remote staffing field is fierce and requires a lot of SEO effort, so they entrusted Galactic Fed with improving Celerative’s discoverability and ranking.

The Strategy

The ambitious goal to rank higher in an extremely saturated market required a 360-degree approach from the Galactic Fed team. It included all 3 branches - on-page, off-page, and technical SEO.

For on-page optimization, the team conducted keyword research, recommended topic clusters, and developed a content strategy for the blog. The next step was to craft articles to target the most efficient keywords and open up more opportunities for link-building.

To optimize off-page performance, the team reached out to related websites in remote work, gig economy, and tech niches. By successfully negotiating with mostly higher-DR prospects, Galactic Fed was able to bring Celerative over 4,000 link points in just a few months.

The technical aspect included Google Best Practices SEO Site Audit and monthly  internal link architecture recommendations. The former helped to identify and begin to fix issues that affected crawlability and discoverability (e.g. missing canonical URLs in sitemaps). The latter was aimed to spread link equity and improve the overall domain’s ranking.

The Success

 With Galactic Fed’s help, all Celerative’s key stats went up and to the right:

  • 19.71% increase in referring domains
  • +4 in domain rating
  • 44.74% increase in organic traffic
  • 19.49% increase in keywords ranking in the top 10
  • 25.00% increase in non-branded impressions

Celerative: Remote Staffing Platform Galactic Fed Performance Results

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