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Draftly- SEO Site Audit, Keyword Research, Link Building

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An SEO Strategy Increased Organic Traffic by 600%+ for an NFT Platform

SEO Processes

SEO Site Audit Keyword Research Link Building
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The story

Draftly is a college sports NFT platform focused on the brand new NIL market and aims to bridge the gap between college athletes and their fans.  Unlike other NFT platforms, Draftly is focused on using NFTs as a community creation tool instead of just a collectible asset.  NFTs are the financial vehicle for fans to directly support their favorite teams/athletes, and join a broader community of like minded individuals.

The team at Draftly came to Galactic Fed looking to increase their website content and improve SEO strategies through a site audit, link building, and keyword research. 

The Strategy: 

Galactic Fed started by conducting a one-time Google Best Practices SEO Site Audit on Draftly’s website in order to uncover any existing issues. Based on the results, they then began working on SEO strategy improvement such as link building.  

In order to build links via guest posting, Galactic Fed created 8 articles for Draftly’s Blog and Learn sections. These contained informational content about sports NFTs as well as educational content about NFTs and NFT trading. 

During this time, Galactic Fed was also able to build visibility on relevant keywords. Draftly began ranking and receiving traffic for a number of highly targeted keywords related to NFTs such as “sports NFTs”, “athlete NFT”, “college NFTs” and more. 

Draftly created an on-site NFT marketplace where Galactic Fed was able to make suggestions on how to optimize it so that each page can rank for relevant searches. 

The Success:

With Galactic Fed’s help, Draftly has had the following success from October 2021 to January 2022.

  • 621% increase in organic traffic (Ahrefs)
  • 15x increase in keywords ranking (Ahrefs)
  • 777% increase in referring domains (Ahrefs)
  • 28x increase in referring pages (Ahrefs)
  • 9-point increase in domain rating (Ahrefs)

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