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Amazon affiliate website - Keyword Research, Content Strategy, Link Building

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How Galactic Fed's data-driven SEO strategy increased referring domains by 1300%

SEO Processes

Keyword Research Content Strategy Link Building
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The story

Client Overview / Services Provided: Minimum budget, maximum results - this was how it went for an Amazon affiliate website that came to Galactic Fed to help them establish and grow their traffic. The site showcases a blog that offers curated gift ideas for all occasions, for all people in your life. To monetize the blog better, they needed to increase their visibility by improving their rankings. And they needed this done with a small marketing budget.

The Galactic Fed team stepped in and put together a plan that allowed them to reap real results without going over their set budget. They had to smartly map the plan out to make sure every cent was placed in the right place. The strategy: comprehensive keyword research, data-driven content strategy, and a white hat link building campaign. 

Strategy: First, the team had to pinpoint the search terms that would bring them the best opportunities to rank. They did this by completing competitive research, which uncovered keywords that their target audience was actively searching for. After identifying these keywords, Galactic Fed put together an editorial content strategy, based on the data we have collected. They tailored the content strategy according to their branding, their target audience, as well as where the site was at the time, in terms of authority. When the team started, they focused on search phrases that could give them a big boost, instead of diving right into the larger, highly competitive keywords. Then as they progressed, Galactic Fed adjusted their content strategy and made sure they were hitting all the right targets. These efforts were complemented by a link building campaign that quickly earned the client valuable citations from relevant sites.

Performance Results: In just three months, the work Galactic Fed put into the site pulled all the important numbers up: referring domains shoot up 1,300%, the number of backlinks grew 800%, and most importantly, validating the research they conducted and the accompanying content strategy they put together, is the increased number of keywords the sites started to rank for. In just a little over 100 days, the total keywords for which the site ranked for grew 15,900%

Link Building Engagement Date Range: 10/09/2019 - 01/17/2020 

1,300% increase in referring domains

  • 14 valuable referring domains by the end of the engagement
  • 1 referring domain at the start of the engagement.

    • (14  - 1) / 1 = 1300%

Referring domains and pages from Oct 9, 2019, to Jan 17, 2020.

800% increase in backlinks

  • 99 valuable referring domains by the end of the engagement
  • 11 referring domains at the start of the engagement.

    • (99  - 11) / 11 = 800%
  • 160 keywords by the end of the engagement
  • 1 keyword at the start of the engagement

    • (160 - 1) / 1  =15900%

Organic keywords from Oct 9, 2019, to Jan 17, 2020.

Galactic Fed performance results

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