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ONYX Motorbikes - Google Ads, Facebook Ads

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Learn How Galactic Fed Helped Onyx Grew Sales 100%+

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The story

ONYX is a high-performance electric bike manufacturer based in California, USA. The company focuses on reintroducing the built tough, fun to ride, nostalgic motorbikes with an updated affordable electric drive-train. ONYX believes every mile counts in innovative mobility for the world. 

ONYX came to Galactic Fed intending to reduce the impact of seasonality in the off-season for their products, which typically occurs outside of May to August. ONYX also had the goal of scaling sales on both Facebook and Google Ads while maintaining a 10x ROAS. 

To help ONYX increase revenue, promote their product during the off-season, and achieve their goals, Galactic Fed developed a custom paid media strategy that yielded impressive results.

The Strategy:

Galactic Fed created a paid media strategy for ONYX to increase its revenue while promoting its products. Because ONYX products are typically around $4500, they have a longer sales cycle, which requires more time to see the effects of Galactic Fed’s optimizations. Galactic Fed is very familiar with the types of barriers and challenges that come with this and created a 2-step strategy to help this brand reach their goals.

ONYX’s two-step paid media strategy began with promoting the brand to more prospects through interest and lookalike Facebook audiences, Google Ads non-brand keywords, and YouTube. The goal of this was to drive visitors to their website.

The second portion of the strategy focused on retargeting campaigns to convert sales and drive revenue through Facebook. The Galactic Fed team also created retargeting campaigns on several Google ad channels such as brand keywords, shopping ads, YouTube, and discovery to convert the new visitors into customers.

The Success: 

With Galactic Fed’s help and expertise, ONYX achieved their goals and saw impressive results for their products. This included:

  • Sales revenue from ads increased  114% from May to November
  • The number of sales from ads increased 172% from May to November
  • Cost per sale decreased by 14.4% from May to November

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