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Tech & Wellness Startup - SEO Audit, Keyword Research, Link Building

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Tech and Wellness Startup Grew 3,500% Backlinks

Growth Marketing Functions

Analytics Dashboard UI/UX Audit Keyword Research

SEO Processes

Keyword Research SEO Site Audit White Hat Link Building Campaign
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illustration of case study: Tech and Wellness Startup Grew 3,500% Backlinks

The story

Client Overview:

The client is a NYC-based tech start-up company with a platform that allows customers to order from and get IV treatments right in their homes.

Their goal is to build and strengthen their presence online prior to the official launch of the platform so they hired Galactic Fed to put together and execute a digital marketing strategy that would kick things off with a bang. Setting up an analytics dashboard to help the team track and understand the growth funnel, keyword research, white hat link building campaigns, technical SEO site audit, UI/UX audit, and internal link architecture are all part of the game plan that Galactic Fed designed to drive relevant organic traffic to the site.


Before the team dove into the core of the program, they spent the first few weeks performing a thorough sweep of the entire sitemap, identifying possible issues that could lead to a Google penalization or de-ranking factor through a complete technical site audit; gaining a deep understanding of the business, to be able to put together comprehensive keyword research; and setting up an analytics dashboard that would be used to inform the team’s decisions on what content is working, what needs to be improved, where to drive links, etc.

Then a complete outreach campaign was set up to build links on highly relevant sites and publish guest posts on high DA sites to increase its visibility online and improve its SEO rankings. Internal link architecture was also incorporated into the program to make sure link equity is spread across the entire site. The team also did complete UI/UX audits before and after the redesign of the website, and continues to provide engineering support to make sure everything works perfectly, both in the frontend and backend.

Performance Results:

The site has experienced tremendous growth in the seven months that the Galactic Fed team has been working on the project. The site’s backlink profile increased by over 3,500%, with the outreach team earning 214 links in the time period.

Organic traffic and organic keywords likewise grew: from zero visitors at the time of onboarding, to an average of 254 visitors per month today, and from zero keywords ranking in the top 10 to 28 target keywords at present.

Engagement Date Range: 12/16/2019 - 07/28/2020

Significant increase in referring domains

  • 62 referring domains earned seven months into the engagement
  • 4 referring domains before engagement.

Significant increase in backlinks

  • 220 valuable links during our engagement.
  • 6 backlinks before engagement.

Significant increase in keywords ranking in top 100

  • 28 target keywords ranking in top 10
  • 0 keywords ranking in top 10 during the start of engagement

    Client: Tech & Wellness Startup Galactic Fed Performance Results

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