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Patriot Medical Devices - Keyword Research, Site Audit, Content Strategy

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Grow Your Organic Traffic and Referring Domains With a Custom SEO Strategy

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Keyword Research Site Audit Content Strategy
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The story

Client Overview: Patriot Medical Devices launched during the COVID-19 public health emergency in response to the increased need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). They provide top-quality, American-made PPE and other medical devices to support workers and healthcare providers and to help rebuild America’s medical supply chain.

Since their launch, they wanted to ensure they are easily accessible to their target audience by increasing organic visibility and growing their SEO footprint. With these goals in mind, they teamed up with Galactic Fed to help expand their reach and align Patriot Medical Devices on SEO best practices to provide the best experience for their visitors.

Strategy: The Galactic Fed team invested time to study Patriot Medical Devices’ brand, products and services, target audience and service focus, and their industry. Equipped with this information, the team commenced in-depth keyword research to help identify and take advantage of SEO opportunities that directly trace back to their goals. The keyword research helped dictate the major pain points of their target audience and thereby helped them address their queries by aligning Patriot Medical Devices’ content strategy with the keyword research findings. The team dove into keyword classification where they grouped the keywords based on intent and categories they belong to and help better understand and interpret the findings.

In addition to this, the Galactic Fed team was able to detect site errors needing technical ­fixes and provided clear context and recommendations to help optimize the problematic pages.

To help improve the ranking and visibility of Patriot Medical Devices, the Galactic Fed team put together an outreach campaign targeting relevant quality blogs focusing on US-based domains and earned numerous citations leading to an increase in site authority and enriched backlink profile.

Performance Results:

In only four months, all the numbers that mattered went up: the referring domains saw a 1625% increase, the organic traffic went up by 1200%, the total number of keywords the client ranked for increased by 383%, and the domain rating jumped 10-fold.

Following the site audit, Patriot Medical Devices knew about the existing web errors that need to be addressed and has a better understanding of actionable insights to help focus on continuous performance optimization.

Overall, the collaborative effort of Patriot Medical Devices and Galactic Fed resulted in a massive increase in sales and great results in traffic.

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