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Integrated SEO Strategy Doubles Organic Keyword Ranking for Ecommerce Automation Platform

SEO Processes

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The story

Webgility is designed for SMBs using QuickBooks to expand their ecommerce business, save time on accounting, and get insights to grow faster.

They had a dense website with lots of pages and content pieces but felt like their performance and discoverability could be improved. Galactic Fed set out to clean up and fix issues on the website, rework the SEO content strategy, and increase the domain’s strength.

The Strategy

With SEO, it’s vital to first fix existing issues and only then implement any content changes. This is exactly what the Galactic Fed team did.

First, they conducted a technical SEO audit, a backlinks audit, and a content audit. The issues revealed were addressed with the key learnings informing the new strategy.

Second, the SEO team compiled a comprehensive  list of relevant target keywords that could improve Webgility’s ranking. This also helped to optimize and expand the existing content pages for better performance.

Third, Galactic Fed updated the links portfolio. That included revising the internal link architecture to spread the juice and developing an outreach program for the backlinks building.

The Success

After only 6 months with Galactic Fed, Webgility saw a sharp spike in all key stats which will continue to increase now that their domain is stronger, healthier, and more optimized:

  • 95% Increase in Organic Keywords
  • 22% Increase in Total organic sessions
  • 46% Increase in Non-branded impressions
  • 115% Increase in Non-branded clicks

*Galactic Fed did fantastic work on the articles for our blog! The posts were of high quality and well-optimized. We are incredibly pleased with the content provided.” - Lynaia Lutes, Head of Marketing, Webgility, Inc.*

Galactic Fed x Webgility: Performance Results

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