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Fairmarkit - Google Search, Remarketing

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Lowered CPC by 30% While Increasing B2B Lead Gen by +1900%

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illustration of case study: Lowered CPC by 30% While Increasing B2B Lead Gen by +1900%

The story

Client Overview: Fairmarkit is an automated sourcing platform that empowers end-users with a data-driven solution that’s actually easy to use.

Fairmarkit’s target customer is a business that wants to use an automated procurement platform to become more efficient with their tail spend while reaping the benefits of competitive sourcing. A lot of these businesses are also often looking to simply learn more about procurement. The challenge was to present ads to the information-seeking crowd as well as the potential customer differently as to manage the budgets wisely.

Strategy: Fairmarkit has a variety of ways to capture customer details (e-Book Downloads, Demo Requests, Case Studies) and then nurture potential clients. Galactic Fed worked on creating different theme buckets and then splitting them into various campaigns, targeting different goals.

Google Search + Remarketing on Display Network

Search: Setting up carefully planned theme-based campaigns that utilized various different landing pages. Each campaign’s objective guided its bidding style and budget. While Galactic Fed focused on maximizing the impression share on some campaigns, on others the team remained focused on targeting a cost per acquisition. The Galactic Fed team created several portfolio bid strategies and shared budgets to ensure the client could maximize the full potential on each campaign. To learn the search behavior in more detail, Galactic Fed set up Broad match campaigns with select few keywords along with a structured Dynamic Search Ads campaign to not only grow the traffic pool but also find out which pages resonate with the target customer.

The team utilized Gmail and GDN to re-target the previous website visitors. These campaigns allowed us to nurture potential customers through well-crafted image ads.

Since each goal conversion has a different CPL threshold, Galactic Fed utilized multiple portfolio bidding strategies to generate the desired Cost per Acquisition (CPA)

Performance Results:

Since taking over the account, Fairmarkit grew exponentially (+1900% growth) on the most important conversion goal of Demo Requests. During this period, the cost only went up by 120% while average CPCs came down by 30%. Majority of the success also came from Non_Brand searches which highlights the importance of campaign structure and budget management.

Avg. CTR: Improved by 71%

Conv. Rate: Improved by 18%

Cost per Lead: 30% lower than the industry average. Galactic Fed and Fairmarkit are consistently adding new leads every month without any significant changes to the overall CPA. This is a direct result of keeping average CPCs constant month over month through careful budget allocation in favor of campaigns and keywords that drive performance.

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