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Multifaceted Meta Ads Campaign Serves 49k Leads to Restaurant Subscription Service

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illustration of case study: Multifaceted Meta Ads Campaign Serves 49k Leads to Restaurant Subscription Service
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The story

Offline is a local restaurant subscription service whose mission is to use tech for good. They measure their success by creating moments that bring people together in the physical world. They are “your local concierge, serving up the inspiration and motivation to help you fall in love with where you live, one month at a time. Because life’s too short to be stuck on the couch.” A mission Galactic Fed was proud to support. 

Offline’s restaurant and social club custom-matches users with two local spots every month and even picks up part of the tab (up to $25). With over 7,000+ members, 100% of Offline’s revenue comes from their subscribers, nothing is sponsored, and they can help local businesses grow without charging a dime.

As part of the client’s desire to support local businesses while increasing their subscription base, Galactic Fed came on board to identify the most viable and cost-effective strategy to boost interest in new and established markets and grow subscriptions.  

The Strategy

Galactic Fed approached Offline’s various target locations with multiple strategies depending on the location. They started their first campaigns for the Raleigh and Durham market in January 2022 and for the Charlotte market around mid-February. The Raleigh and Durham campaigns were focused on Subscriptions, offering users a discount code for a free month with Offline.

The strategy in the Charlotte campaign comprised a pre-launch campaign that invited people to join a Waitlist to create buzz and excitement. Once the market officially opened, people on the waitlist were invited to join. Offline’s Cost Per Subscription (CAC) goal was $30, and both campaign structures were very successful. 

Over the period of 4 quarters, Galactic Fed decreased costs and increased the number of subscriptions by optimizing creatives and adding strong CTAs on the creatives and the headlines. The team worked with Offline to optimize their landing pages and improve conversion rates while implementing an incremental budget increase strategy over a period of weeks to not disrupt Meta’s machine learning.  In the third and fourth quarters, subscriptions grew by +41%, and the cost per subscription decreased by 19%. See the infographic below for some more of the outstanding results. 

The Success

Over 11 months, Galactic Fed’s campaigns helped to grow Offline’s member base by driving:

  • 87,059 Clicks to the website 
  • 1,377 brand-new Subscribers in three markets
  • Generated 49,000 Leads 
  • Garnered 6.4M impressions
  • Averaged a high CTR of 1.36% across all campaigns

Since launching, Offline has expanded to two new markets: Tampa and Nashville. Go check them out! 

Galactic Fed performance results

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