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Recapped- LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads, Facebook Ads

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Robust Paid Ads Strategy Delivers 82% Increase in Leads for SaaS Platform

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The story

Recapped is a customer collaboration platform that streamlines the sales process and helps close deals and onboard clients faster and without friction. 

The team at Recapped came to Galactic Fed looking to gain more relevant leads to request a demo of their software. They also wanted to improve the overall quality of their leads and increase their sales velocity and time to revenue. 

The Strategy: 

Galactic Fed worked on three platforms during their time with Recapped: LinkedIn, Google, and Facebook. Each one had specific objectives based on its capabilities. 

On LinkedIn, Galactic Fed experts focused on refining Recapped’s audience to reach the most relevant profiles for the product. As one of the top paid media platforms to reach B2B business leaders and decision-makers directly, the team worked to increase brand recognition conversions through a variety of formats. These included LinkedIn Message Ads, lead generation forms, and video views. 

Since profile-based segmentation isn’t possible on Facebook, the team’s focus was set on remarketing to reach those users who had already visited Recapped’s website. 

As a higher-intent platform on Google, Galactic Fed focused on identifying keywords that addressed the needs and pain points of potential customers, while giving brand keywords a relevant space to support efforts on other platforms. 

The Success:

With Galactic Fed’s help, Recapped was able to significantly increase impressions, clicks, and leads in just six months.

  • 86% increase in impressions
  • 106% increase in clicks
  • 82% increase in leads
  • 78% increase in lead to qualified lead conversion rate 

Galactic Fed also detected a re-direct technical program with the call-to-action buttons across all of Recapped’s website, inhibiting leads to be tracked properly in Hubspot. Once fixed, the team was able to greatly improve the quality of leads, reaching the most relevant profiles within their target industries.

Client: Recapped Galactic Fed Performance Results

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