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Tenant Law Action - Link Building, Content Creation, Analytics Dashboard

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Scaled Organic Traffic by Over 2000% with White Hat SEO

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The story

Tenant Law Action operates as a niche tenants rights firm specializing in claims relating to exposure to toxic mold in residential homes while offering legal contingency fee services for related matters with an emphasis on habitability and tenant harassment claims.

Before teaming up with Galactic Fed, Tenant Law Action had very few backlinks, so the initial objective was to build authority and improve the site’s overall backlink profile.  

The Strategy:

Galactic Fed launched several link-building strategies to improve Tenant Law Action’s overall backlink profile. The increase in backlinks, referring domains, and organic non-branded keywords helped build the website’s authority and improved its visibility, thereby improving the site’s competitiveness. The team set up Google Analytics Dashboard to track the site’s performance, analyze data, and monitor KPIs.

Galactic Fed also provided support and offered recommendations for content creation and website optimization, making sure that all were aligned with SEO best practices, which contributed to the overall growth of the website.

The Success:

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