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Juni Learning - Link Building, SEO Strategy

Featured Story

SEO Strategy Overhaul Boosts Organic Traffic by 230% For Online STEAM Learning Platform

SEO Processes

Link Building SEO Strategy
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illustration of case study: SEO Strategy Overhaul Boosts Organic Traffic by 230% For Online STEAM Learning Platform
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The story

Juni Learning provides online STEAM classes in topics such as Coding, Investing, Communications, Math, and Science. Recognized by Forbes and Business Wire, Juni Learning features dynamic projects and videos as well as private and small group classes with credible instructors. Juni Learning is also backed by top leaders in technology including Arielle Zuckerberg, Y Combinator Co-founder Jessica Livingston, and AME Cloud Ventures.

The team at Juni Learning came to Galactic Fed looking to optimize their link architecture and enrich their backlink profile through a custom SEO strategy. 

The Strategy: 

Galactic Fed began by working to optimize Juni Learning’s internal link architecture. Strengthening this will help improve site navigation, create a clearer content hierarchy, and boost authority. 

Another of Galactic Fed’s main goals was to build links for Juni Learning. Link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own. Search engines see links as votes by other websites that your site is credible, authoritative, and worth promoting on SERPs. Overall, Galactic Fed built over 1000 links for Juni Learning.

The Success:

With Galactic Fed’s help, Juni Learning saw exponential growth in their referring pages, referring domains, organic traffic, and more. 

  • 289% increase in referring domains (Ahrefs)
  • 881% increase in referring pages (Ahrefs)
  • +24 in domain rating (DR from Ahrefs)
  • 230% increase in organic traffic (Ahrefs)
  • 261% increase in organic keywords ranking in top 100 (Ahrefs)
  • 3.65% increase in branded and non-branded clicks (GSC)
  • 0.68% increase in branded and non-branded impressions (GSC)
  • 0.61% increase in total organic sessions (GA)

Galactic Fed performance results

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