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Software Tech Company- Google Ads, Keyword Research, Link Building

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Transformative SEO & Paid Ads Strategy Increase Conversions by 132% for Software Tech Company

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The story

Galactic Fed teamed up with a software tech company that enables developer teams to monitor, track, and address performance quality and stability issues across the entire application development lifecycle. 

With more than 25,000 mobile teams relying on the app, they provide in-depth app performance monitoring, crash reporting, and bug reporting all while maintaining the highest security standards. 

Their team came to Galactic Fed looking for a custom SEO strategy to enrich their backlink profile, build their online presence, serve their diverse audience across the world, and achieve more sign-ups. 

The Strategy: 

Galactic Fed started by conducting one-time keyword research. This helped their content creation team build a highly strategic game plan to power its link-building campaign, increase its online visibility, and create content that would attract readers.

They provided two blog posts per month to help target focus keywords, enrich content and gain the desired readership. The content also helped Galactic Fed build more links to relevant sites. 

To help improve their ranking, Galactic Fed launched an outreach campaign and spearheaded collaboration with relevant third-party sites. This included mobile-related technology sites and industries that cover similar topics. 

They provided 1,000 points per month from sites with Domain Rating 10 and above to improve the site’s authority by gaining more referring domains and backlinks.

In addition to these efforts, Galactic Fed also launched a Google Best Practices SEO Site Audit to uncover all existing technical site issues. They could then make recommendations on page speed, meta copy, and schema. Galactic Fed ensured that the resolutions were aligned to the overall SEO strategy. 

The Success:

Overall, Galactic Fed was able to significantly increase the company’s sign-ups and clicks and decrease their cost-per-acquisition.

  • 132% increase in conversions
  • 8% increase in clicks
  • 73% decrease in CPA

Additionally, Galactic Fed restructured their account into Phrase & Exact Match with more high-intent keywords, created new campaigns per location, and bid more efficiently with the monthly budget across all campaigns.  

Client: Software Tech Company Galactic Fed Performance Results

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