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Spotless Email Marketing Strategy Achieves 56% Open Rate for On-Demand Washing App

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The story

hampr makes washing as easy as calling a taxi. Their peer-to-peer on-demand service connects laundry haters (users) with washing lovers (washers). It’s the only female-led major laundry service in the US, and they were featured in the Google Economic Impact report in 2023.

They had already been working with Galactic Fed to drive app installs with paid ads and wanted to keep the momentum of the growth going. They decided to level up the efficiency of their marketing funnel with a squeaky-clean email marketing strategy.

The Strategy

The main task for the Galactic Fed’s growth experts was to add new touchpoints with existing users to generate more in-app conversions and drive paid membership signups.

The team developed several sequences to follow along with the user’s journey and ensure a tailored hampr experience. Each sequence targeted a specific group of users based on their behavior, preferences, and history, and communicated with them at the right time and in the right way:

  • The onboarding sequence helped to nurture new users, explain the service, and prompt them to place their first order
  • The upselling sequence aimed to promote the annual membership plan to regular customers
  • The order abandonment series consisted of multiple paths based on user actions to create a tailored experience
  • The Customer win-back series re-engaged lapsed customers
  • The omnichannel approach helped to maximize reach and increase conversion rate by allowing to engage with users through their preferred channel.

The Success

This approach not only improved the conversion rates but also helped hampr retain customers and generate more conversions:

  • 55.6% average open rate
  • 17% conversion rate on customer win-back series
  • 61% conversion rate (1,000+ orders) on order abandonment sequence
  • 2,500 in-app conversions from push and email notifications

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