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Restorative Botanicals - Web Design

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Strategic Web Design Approach Turns CBD Health Products Company Website Into E-commerce Machine

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illustration of case study: Strategic Web Design Approach Turns CBD Health Products Company Website Into E-commerce Machine

The story

Restorative Botanicals is a US-based company that turns the highest quality ingredients Mother Nature provides into well-being products. These organic CBD blends support healthy sleep cycles, tension relief, and mental clarity for a balanced, functional lifestyle.

They used to rely on wholesalers but recently decided to focus on direct B2C sales. Having a more informative rather than commercial website, Restorative Botanicals realized it wasn’t optimized for e-commerce conversions. Galactic Fed was hired to fix that.

The Strategy

The main task for the Galactic Fed team was to preserve the style and design approach of Restorative Botanicals but find a way to translate it into a more commercial website.

First, Galactic Fed redesigned the layout to ensure it follows the conversion rate optimization best practices. This included adding extra blocks highlighting Restorative Botanicals’ sustainable qualities, streamlining navigation, and adding clear CTA buttons in actionable color. 

Second, the team reconsidered the entire shopping experience to ensure a clean and straightforward UX. Users can now browse the way they want to - seeing products in groupings based on health benefits, product types, and more.

Then the details were taken care of - adding another primary color (khaki green), for instance. Visuals and banners were also updated to support the chosen design approach. And more product cards on the main page were placed to ignite the desire to purchase.

The Summary

The new Restorative Botanicals website delivers a cleaner user experience with a more straightforward shopping and checkout process. Strategic use of product imagery drives the design aesthetic and simplifies browsing for improved conversion rates. It’s optimized for e-commerce and is set to ensure a smooth transition from wholesale to direct-to-consumer.

Galactic Fed x Restorative Botanicals: Performance Results

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