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DwellWell - Google Ads & Web Design

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Tailored Google Ads Strategy Reduces CPL for Real Estate Platform by 49%

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illustration of case study: Tailored Google Ads Strategy Reduces CPL for Real Estate Platform by 49%
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The story

DwellWell is built for a new generation of homebuyers. Their online platform walks customers through every step of the home-buying process at their own pace. They help to make informed decisions, get local expertise, and find expert negotiators.

They ran ads before but were unsatisfied with their performance. Looking to  improve the overall quality of their leads and increase their sales velocity and time to revenue, they trusted Galactic Fed to give their Google ads approach - and their website - a total makeover.

The Strategy

As the client provides services offline in any location in the US, the first task for the Galactic Fed team was to narrow down the audience to several key states. This allowed them to focus on maximizing DwellWell’s presence in California, Florida, and Texas and to more efficiently nurture leads that dropped down in the funnel.

The team conducted extensive keyword research for each audience and location to inform Google ads campaigns optimized for sign-ups on the client’s website.

Discovery and Display campaigns aimed to generate new users, while RLSA (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads) campaigns focused on remarketing to previous website visitors and homebuyers who needed another push to complete the onboarding process.

A significant boost to the campaign was given in Q3 when Galactic Fed launched a YouTube ad showing how DwellWell works. This one video skyrocketed the conversion rate by 12%.

At the same time, the Creative Studio was busy giving a full revamp to the client’s website to ensure it was ready to accommodate new visitors and make a great first impression.

Galactic Fed x Dwell Well: Performance results

The Success

By combining strong market research with a hyper-targeted search campaign strategy, Galactic Fed was able to reach DwellWell’s sign-up goals and strengthen their brand presence in a highly competitive market:

  • 1,106,542 impressions
  • 15,986 website clicks
  • 686 sign-ups
  • 49% decrease in CPL
  • 361% increase in CTR
  • 683% increase in conversion rate

Galactic Fed x Dwell Well: Performance results

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