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Tech Platform Boosts Organic Traffic By 33% with Link-Building

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Link Building
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The story

In a world where technology has taken the leading role in the growth of businesses, CodersLink has become the go-to partner to connect leading tech companies with highly trained tech talent in Latin America. Helping companies achieve their growth objectives, scaling their teams remotely or onsite, at a fraction of the cost, reducing risks, and facilitating comprehensive recruitment solutions seamlessly.

The team at Coderslink came to Galactic Fed looking to improve their organic visibility and SEO with a well-executed backlink profile.

The Strategy:

In order to organically grow and improve SEO rankings, developing a backlink profile is a common approach used by Galactic Fed that works. Coderslink had already been utilizing some link-building strategies and desired a more in-depth approach backed by real data to drive real, profitable results.

Galactic Fed’s blueprint to link-building is unwavering. There are many strategies that can be utilized depending on the nature of a company’s goals and the industry they’re competing in, but their approach stays the same: let the quality of the content they promote speak for itself. 

By developing strong content that other tech sites deem as shareable, Galactic Fed was able to build a backlink profile for Coderslink via guest posting on tech sites organically. This white-hat strategy ensures all links are naturally added and to relevant sites that build rapport with both readers and search engines.

The Success:

With 6 months of link-building efforts with Galactic Fed, Coderslink has had the following success from June to December 2021:

  • Increased domain rating by +12 points
  • Grew non-branded impressions by 39% and non-branded clicks by 34%
  • Increased referring domains by 58% and referring pages by 62%
  • Increased organic traffic to site by 33%

    Galactic Fed performance results

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