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This Digital Health Company Achieved a World Record with Paid Ads

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The story

Televeda helps build and empower communities of active adults by providing software solutions for live events. Their services help support healthy aging, reduce social isolation, and improve healthy engagement through virtual connections. Televeda’s mission is to reduce social isolation and loneliness by building and supporting virtual communities. 

When Televeda began working with Galactic Fed, they had two main goals. The first was to increase their member registrations; the second was to get sign-ups to participate in their Guinness World Records™ attempt. 

The client engaged Galactic Fed to develop a paid media strategy to achieve these goals as part of a two-month special project. The Galactic Fed team would use paid ads to drive leads to sign up for a live bingo event to achieve the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ designation for the Most Viewers of a Bingo Livestream on a Bespoke Platform while raising brand awareness and website registrations for Televeda. 

The Strategy

For this client, Galactic Fed needed to address multiple objectives at the same time: brand awareness, website registrations, and live event sign-ups. To develop a strategy that could address these objectives, the team took a full-funnel approach—Galactic Fed used broad audiences to generate awareness, capture leads, and push them further down the funnel to convert. 

The Galactic Fed team used Facebook and Google, focusing on specific objectives based on which platform performs best for that objective. For example:

  • Facebook video ads were optimized for views and targeted to a broad audience segmented by demographics.
  • YouTube ads were optimized for website traffic and targeted to users who interact with content and channels related to online games.
  • Lead generation ads on Facebook were retargeted to top-of-the-funnel viewers, and the team employed an email workflow to encourage registration completions. 
  • Google Display ads were used to remarket to users who visited the Televeda website but did not register. 

During the final week of the campaign, Galactic Fed added an additional channel, Twitter, to the mix specifically to drive traffic to Televeda’s website and obtain registrations. 

Galactic Fed’s final goal for the day of the event was to get as many people as possible to enter the game. That meant launching a final campaign across all three channels (Facebook, Google Ads, and Twitter) to drive traffic to the client’s event. For this, the Galactic Fed team relied on accelerated delivery on ad channels to achieve a last push of traffic during the two-hour event. 

The Success

Televeda’s special project took place from August 18th to October 22nd, with paid media campaigns running on Google, Facebook, and Twitter. During that time Galactic Fed’s paid media team was able to achieve the following results:

Paid ads:

  • Achieved a total of 1,162,634 impressions.
  • Drove over 20k clicks to the client’s site. 
  • Ad videos had nearly 136k views overall. 
  • Acquired 3,046 form completions.
  • Achieved more than 2,500 website registrations. 
  • Brought over 1,500 online bingo players to Televeda’s live event. 


  • CRO efforts increased users by 173%
  • Decreased bounce rate by 27.25%
  • Increased page views by 145%
  • Both the paid ads and CRO efforts increased leads by 987%

World record Bingo details

As a final result, Televeda now holds the Guinness World Records™ designation for Most Viewers of a Bingo Livestream on a Bespoke Platform.

Galactic Fed's performance results for Televada.

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