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Paid Media Strategy Helps Weight Loss App Achieve 64% Decrease in Cost-Per-Trial

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The story

Waybetter is a wellness app that motivates and helps people lose weight through a variety of games and competitions. They believe that adopting a healthier lifestyle should be fun and social. With Waybetter, weight management is reimagined to go beyond the scale and the diets and create a supportive, entertaining environment. 

The team at Waybetter came to Galactic Fed looking to have as many trial sign-ups as possible while keeping their cost-per-trial within a specific range. They also wanted to set up a successful testing strategy that allowed them to experiment with multiple ad variations and messages. 

The Strategy: 

Galactic Fed started by focusing on creativity. The client wanted fast testing and constant experimentation, so the team set a creative testing strategy that included weekly iterations of top-performing and new ads. The budget was also consistently scaled as results improved each week. 

With Galactic Fed’s constant monitoring and quick thinking, the team decided to switch gears after a few weeks of stalled results. They took a step back in the pace of their creative experimentation and began campaign scaling. The team is always willing to rethink their strategies, analyze the data and pursue different options to achieve the client’s objectives. 

They then began to identify the winning ads across campaigns, and updates and optimizations were made after longer periods to allow the platform to run its learning and optimization course. 

The Success:

With Galactic Fed’s help, Waybetter was able to exceed their goals and see a significant increase in trials and a large decrease in cost-per-trial. 

  • 14% increase in trials (Q1)
  • 46% decrease in cost-per-trial (Q1)
  • Additional 37% decrease in cost-per-trial (Q2) 
  • 64% overall decrease in cost-per-trial 
  • 45% decrease in cost-per-mile
  • Average increase of 7% in number of trials every month 

    Galactic Fed Performance Results

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