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Using Google Ads to Achieve a Conversion Rate 27% Higher Than the Industry Benchmark

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illustration of case study: Using Google Ads to Achieve a Conversion Rate 27% Higher Than the Industry Benchmark

The story

Aspire Education is an education 501c3 non-profit organization in the Bay Area that provides tutoring for grades K-12. For fifteen years, Aspire has connected a community of educators with Bay Area students to provide supplemental education programming. 

Due to COVID, Aspire expanded its programs to virtual and in-person sessions to continue serving youth in need of tutoring. They currently offer virtual tutoring sessions, virtual and in-person Learning Pods, and the Community Reading Buddies program that connects young adults mentors with early readers. 

Aspire Education wanted to find sustainable ways to improve lead numbers and reach potential donors. They set a goal to increase their qualified leads, increase donations, and attract more participants for the Community Reading Buddies program. 

To help the client reach their goals, Galactic Fed developed a paid media strategy to reach the desired audience and compel them to act.  

The Strategy: 

Galactic Fed set out to create a paid media strategy that would help Aspire to generate more leads through Google Ads. By utilizing paid search ads, our team reached leads who are interested in Bay Area education initiatives as volunteers, donors, and program recipients. 

The Galactic Fed team tested specific keywords that were likely to reach the desired audience. They also created highly targeted custom audiences related to topics such as online courses, childcare, education, tutoring, and educational resources, among others. 

The team created remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA), which allowed Galactic Fed to create tailored search campaigns based on user actions—in this case, users who have visited Aspire’s website, therefore more familiar with the brand and are more likely to convert. 

In addition to the RLSA campaign, Galactic Fed also created a Bay Area-specific ad group to meet the primary goal of targeting inquiries and getting leads from the Bay Area.

By combining strong market research with a hyper-targeted search campaign strategy, Galactic Fed set the foundation for Aspire Education to consistently reach relevant audiences and deliver strong CTR and conversion rates. 

The Success:

Thanks to the work of Galactic Fed, Aspire Education has expanded its reach and attracted new volunteers and program recipients to join their efforts. 

Results achieved for this client include:

  • 41 leads for tutoring and 24 new leads for their online prep opportunities. 
  • A 4.76% conversion rate for the math category campaign (the average Google Ads conversion rate across all industries is 3.75%).
  • A 16% CTR for Aspire brand campaigns (the average Google Ads CTR across all industries is 3.17%).
  • 108 Calendly clicks were generated, indicating that Aspire’s new leads are relevant and likely to convert.

Education Client Galactic Fed performance results.

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