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We see Galactic growth in your future.

Let our Marketing Wizard show you the way.

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Every mission needs a Captain.
Every Captain needs a map.

Here's how your custom marketing plan will guide your journey to success:

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Tailored Marketing Strategies

Our team of savvy strategists will dive into your brand's universe, analyze your unique goals and challenges, and create a personalized roadmap.

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Expert Recommendations

Imagine having a team of marketing pros who can optimize your plan for maximum impact, identify industry gaps, and provide strategic direction. It’s like having your very own mission control center. Plus, you’ll receive actionable insights you can use right away.

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Optimize Your

The Marketing Wizard will work its magic to uncover untapped potential in your current marketing efforts. Discover how to maximize your budget, timeline, and existing resources to achieve maximum impact and a meteoric rise in your ROI.

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Skyrocket Your

With your stellar marketing plan in hand, you’re on your way to an astronomical rise in brand visibility, customer engagement, and business growth. Our growth strategies are meant to attract a myriads of new customers and make every marketing move count.

Your marketing plan is waiting for you

Your plan will be tailored to your goals, but here's what it could look like:

Creatives & Messaging
Campaign Structure
Keyword Analysis
Competitor Snapshot
Other Technical Improvements

Our mission is simple: help you
achieve astronomical growth

Harness the power of our Marketing Wizard in 3 steps:

Other Technical Improvements

1. Tell Us About Your Business

Ready to embark on your marketing journey? It all begins with consulting The Marketing Wizard. Answer a few questions about your marketing needs, goals, budget, timeline, and current resources. Don't worry; no rocket science here! Just honest answers to help us understand your unique business galaxy.

Schedule Discovery Call

2. Schedule Discovery Call

Once you've brought us up to speed, it's time to schedule your Discovery Call with our experts. During this no-strings-attached call, we'll learn about your goals, challenges, and aspirations. Together, we'll explore the possibilities and align our strategies with your vision so your marketing plan is a perfect fit.

Schedule Discovery Call

3. Receive the Marketing Plan

After your Discovery Call, prepare for liftoff as our Marketing Wizards work their magic. They will analyze your responses and create a personalized plan that’s tailored exclusively to your business. You will receive a roadmap with expert strategies and recommendations straight to your inbox.

Limited Time Offer

Get 10% off your first month of Galactic Fed’s services if you work with us after receiving your free marketing plan

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our clients have to say about us.

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    "It was a pleasure working with Galactic Fed. Their personal, and yet professional, approach to marketing strategy and execution was first class. Their approach is scientific, delivered quickly and with a deep commitment to strategies that scale. You'll be happy you hired them."

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    "The Galactic Fed team has been absolutely instrumental in the success of our acquisition strategy. They have been a trusted and reliable partner and deliver best-in-class capabilities, experience, and scrappiness. I can't recommend them enough for companies who seek to supercharge their growth trajectory!."

  • Demand Curve photo

    Demand Curve

    "We’ve taught growth marketing to hundreds of companies and work closely with dozens of marketing agencies -- Galactic Fed has one of the most scientific approaches we’ve ever seen. We highly recommend Galactic Fed not just for their ability to produce significant results, but also for their willingness to go above and beyond for their clients."

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    "Galactic Fed is the best paid media agency I’ve worked with. They are extremely proactive, great communicators, and at this point they are basically part of our team. I would highly recommend them to both companies looking to augment their in house paid team, as was our case, and companies looking to delegate all of paid media to an agency."

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    "Galactic Fed consistently drove quality backlinks, marketplace reviews, targeted traffic, and anything else we ever threw at them. SEO is a very results oriented space and the data never lies on performance. Galactic Fed helped grow us month-over-month in site traffic and leads from said traffic since they joined."

  • HVMN photo


    "HVMN has been working with Galactic Fed on content marketing & link-building since July 2018. They are the most professional external partner we’ve worked with, and the quality of their work consistently exceeds expectations. Our blog traffic has grown by 20x since we started working with GalacticFed, and I’ve already recommended their team many times."

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    "What I appreciate most about working with Galactic Fed is that they get what is required to support a startup. They provide frequent and clear communication and are flexible on timelines and processes. They are creative problem solvers, always proactively coming up with ideas on how to optimize performance and diving into feedback from our customers to ensure we have the right campaigns in play."

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    "Galactic Fed is the perfect partner for high-growth startups."

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    Carlstrom Productions

    "We’ve been partnered with Galactic Fed for about a year now and have sincerely enjoyed working with each and every team member. They have exhibited professionalism, expertise and teamwork, delivered results and helped with some ‘out of the box’ issues that wouldn’t normally be part of their scope, showing great adaptability. "