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10 Reasons Why You Should Outsource SEO

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Written by Natalie Yelton

Content Writer @ Galactic Fed

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Expert reviewed by Dallin Porter

Communications Manager @ Galactic Fed

Published 29 Sep 2020

We hopefully don’t need to convince you of the power SEO yields in engaging new and returning customers. In the rare case that we do, check out our SEO Series.

Here are a few stats to bring home just how powerful SEO is:

  • 68% of online experiences start with a search engine (BrightEdge)
  • SEO drives 1000%+ more traffic than organic social media (BrightEdge)
  • Almost 29% of people click the first Google search result (Sistrix)

Google CTR per ranking from top 1 to top 10.

Source: Sistrix

Maybe you’ve been chipping away at improving your company’s SEO for a while now, alongside many other essential tasks to help grow your business. Why tackle it alone? By outsourcing your SEO to a team of experts, you can save money, time, and boost your ROI. And that’s only naming a few benefits.

We know searching “top SEO companies” or “best SEO agencies” can lead to some overwhelming results. That’s why several companies have reached out to partner with Galactic Fed to gain a helping hand with their SEO. Last year, we boosted traffic by 583% for a San Francisco-based startup with our tailored SEO strategy.

Looking for more detail on what exactly SEO is? Read our essential SEO guide for beginners to help connect the dots.

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider outsourcing your SEO today:

#1: Save money

#2: Save time

#3: Gain an edge over the competition

#4: Boost your ROI

#5: Stay on top of the trends

#6: Gain access to creative experts

#7: Gain access to an expert’s network

#8: Track your efforts easily

#9: Improve your ranking

#10: Prevent Google penalties


#1: Save money

SEO done right takes skill.

It’s an ever-evolving and complex beast that takes time and experience to nail.

Hiring or training a team and purchasing the tools and tech needed to properly manage your SEO in-house can add up quickly and cost even more to maintain.

Outsourcing SEO to a team of dedicated experts is more cost-effective because they have everything they need to get started right away. Here at Galactic Fed, we’re working with companies in several different industries every day and know SEO like the back of our hand. Our clients like our ability to take what we learn, working with clients in other sectors, and apply it to their SEO with fantastic results.

SEO professionals are results-driven, so the benefits of your improved SEO will far outweigh the cost of the initial or ongoing investment. Keep more money in your business in the long term and rely on the dynamic knowledge and cutting-edge techniques and tools of a team of SEO experts. (See also: Galactic Fed).


#2: Save time

Your time is valuable.

Do you know that feeling when you spend time writing a blog only for a few to read it? Or maybe you can’t find the time to craft content at all, as your focus is on other aspects of your business?

An SEO team can hit the ground running and optimize your existing content to rank higher in search results. They can also help you develop new, smart content that ranks and converts, saving you precious working hours.


#3: Gain an edge over the competition

Your competition is doing 1 of 3 things when it comes to SEO:

  • they’re not paying attention to it,
  • they’re attempting to do themselves, or
  • they’ve outsourced SEO to a professional.

If they’re smart, they went with number 3. Through competitor analysis, keyword research, and site optimization, managed by a team of SEO experts, your chances of coming out ahead of the competition increase dramatically.

There’s a unique opportunity to gain a competitive edge if your competition isn’t concerned with SEO, and you decide to take action. Further, outsourcing your SEO will ensure you’re fighting fit against the competition who’s paying attention to SEO by getting expert help to secure those top spots on coveted search engine results pages.


#4: Boost your ROI

Your website most likely cost a pretty penny to design and build. Ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment. Keep visitors coming back and create a pathway for new visitors to your site with effective SEO, managed by an expert. Getting your SEO right can make your website more sustainable, drive traffic to it, and engage customers, which is what it’s built to do. It’s your virtual storefront; keep it in tip-top shape to impress potential customers and help them find what they need, effortlessly.

Have you audited your website lately to see how SEO-friendly it is? A site audit can check for broken links, review page load speed, and test user experience (UX.), to name just a few tasks. Check out our guide on how to perform an SEO site audit if you’d like to learn more.


#5: Stay on top of the trends

SEO rules are continually evolving. Almost every day, there’s a new development. Just this week, the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) suggested that SEO is ‘no longer about backlinks.’

It can be a challenge keeping up with the latest trends and figuring out how to adjust your SEO strategy to perform at its best. By outsourcing your SEO, you’re able to tap into the knowledge and expertise of SEO experts who constantly monitor SEO changes and updates to Google’s search algorithm, ensuring your SEO strategy remains relevant and effective.


#6: Gain access to creative experts

Creative burnout is real.

There’s the daily expectation to unleash the creative part of your brain for the benefit of several aspects of your business, from sales and product support to business development. SEO is no exception.

It takes a level of unmatched creativity to get SEO right.

By outsourcing your SEO, you immediately gain access to creative minds, whose business it is to develop imaginative SEO tactics that covert.


#7: Gain access to an expert’s network

It’s not just SEO experts you can access; it’s all of their peers too! From paid ads wizards, growth marketing gurus to wordsmiths and analytics masters, SEO experts have a robust network of knowledgeable peers and colleagues at their fingertips.

You’ll be able to gain an understanding of how specific tactics overlap and complement each other to drive the growth of your business and connect with customers online. Take a complete approach to your SEO, and benefit from comprehensive digital marketing expertise.


#8: Track your efforts easily

Outsourcing your SEO brings to the table timely and transparent reporting on how you are doing against KPIs and easy access to analytics and metrics you may have struggled to measure or locate in the past. Get support with setting benchmarks, and plan how to meet (and even exceed) your goals.

Maybe you’ve dipped your toes into Google Analytics only to get mixed up with what to look at or where to focus your efforts? An SEO team can track your progress for you and provide reports that make sense of it all.


#9: Improve your ranking

Paid ads can be very effective, but when you stop spending, they disappear.

SEO never goes away.

Once you rank high on a search engine results page for a particular keyword, that online footprint will remain until you delete the content or take down your website. Google rewards longevity too, so getting SEO right has the potential to affect your search ranking exponentially the longer you’re in business.


#10: Prevent Google penalties

With an expert eye on your SEO, you can ensure your company doesn’t receive any Google penalties.

What’s a Google penalty, you ask? A Google penalty is a strike against a website that contains content that isn’t in line with Google’s webmaster guidelines. For example, duplicate content or having too many links from any one source can prompt a penalty against your site.

FEInternatinal has a handy Website Penalty Indicator that shows recent algorithm updates from Google and how they’ve affected your site, by entering your URL:

Website Penalty Indicator that shows recent algorithm updates from Google.

Source: FEInternational

If you do receive a Google penalty, an SEO team can help you recover from it and update your content so that it’s in line with Google’s most up-to-date rules.

As Google penalties can affect your ranking, it’s good practice to actively prevent them from happening in the first place with regular monitoring. An SEO team can help you steer clear of penalties.


Outsource your SEO and watch your business take off

Save time and money and gain access to some brilliant SEO minds by partnering with an SEO agency. You’ll be glad you did when you see your search ranking skyrocket, and your customers find precisely what they want and need from your business with ease. Contact us to outsource your SEO today.

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Natalie Yelton

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