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Remote Year - Email Marketing, Google Ads

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Customized Marketing Hack Increased MQL, CTR, and Revenue

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The story

Client Overview: Remote Year is an organization that helps people live and work in different cities around the world as part of an immersive cultural and community experience. In other words, a work and travel abroad program.

They enlisted Galactic Fed to provide their expertise in two key areas:

Email Marketing: Remote Year was looking to launch a new product due to the COVID-19 Lockdown and Travel restrictions based in the United States. Remote Year had done no marketing or sent an email to their list of 250,000 leads (acquired over the past 5 years) in the 3 months before working with Galactic Fed.

With that, their goal was to warm up Remote Years’ audience and list, and then launch and sell them a new product and experience costing $2,850. This required Galactic Fed to warm up the IP and list, inform and educate individuals on a brand-new product, and then focus on conversions to sell the new product all online (no sales team or salesperson for the first time ever).

The team was brought on to use the email solely to drive 40 purchases per month of this $2,850 new product with no sales team.

To do this, the Galactic Fed team also owned and created the full-funnel strategy with a high-ticket application funnel after a conversion-optimized landing page with new information over the past 5 years.

Google Ads: Galactic Fed’s main objective of the campaign was to scale spend and the volume of marketing qualified leads (MQL) through Google Ads, while maintaining or at best lowering CPA. More specifically, a MQL is an individual that signed up and attended / scheduled a call with the program placement team.

Strategy - Email Marketing:

Galactic Fed’s strategy was to launch to the highest intent individuals the first week. This included 3,000 active customers that would be most likely to convert again with Remote Year.

In the second week, the team segmented the remainder of the 280,000 contacts into 5 different lists based on their recent activity with Remote Year and likeliness to convert. They separated lists to segments as well as keep sending loads on our IP low. This allowed them to send more emails and continue high deliverability and open rate so emails were spread out throughout the course of 3 days to the 280,000 list.

From there, the Galactic Fed team set up a 3 step email sequence including copy, landing pages, CTA’s in order to launch, inform, and segment further users into interested and not interested in the new offering.

From there they focused heavily on automated emails to remarket interested individuals with pipelines for those that landed on the landing page, viewed the application but abandoned, and completed the application but haven’t paid. These sequences we’re spread out over the course of 7 days.

The team continued to send weekly emails with updates, questions, more information, and sales-focused emails to two different funnels of the application and webinar to convert interested leads into sales.

Strategy - Google Ads: 

The Galactic Fed team used strategies to isolate keyword performance and obtain a high Quality Score and ad rank to outcompete the client’s competitors. They then established different bidding strategies to increase leads and maintain CPMQL, created RLSA campaigns, created remarketing display, and tested various landing pages.

Performance Results - Email Marketing: 

  • Avg. Open Rate of 23.58%
  • 13,654 unique clicks to the landing page (4.8% click rate from email)
  • 929 Applications (6.8% application rate)
  • 39 Purchases from Cold Individuals - not previously customers (4% purchase rate)
  • 60 Purchases total in 4 weeks (6.4% purchase rate from the application)

Historically, Remote Year had seen a 1% or less conversion rate from an application with a sales team. With the email campaigns and funnel created, Remote Year saw a 4.5% purchase rate from cold individuals and leads accumulated over the past 5 years.

These 60 Purchases all from email marketing totaled to $171,000 in revenue in the course of 4 weeks.

Performance Results - Google Ads:

When Galactic Fed first started working with Remote Year, the goal was to increase their program sign-ups. The team did this for Remote Year by creating relevant keywords while writing ad copies with a cool factor of working remotely while traveling. Galactic Fed started the campaigns with 455 leads at $49.15 CPMQL in the first month. 

The Galactic Fed team was able to work with Remote Year to help establish a lead-quality feedback loop down to the keyword level. This allowed them to improve our KPIs to produce even higher-quality leads and lowered our CPMQLs. 

  • Increased leads by over 5x from 206 in the previous 3 months to 1,085 in the next 3 months after we took over
  • Maintained CPQML at an average of $44, even with the increased leads.
  • Increased leads and maintained CPMQL even with a 26% decrease in ad spend compared to the previous 3 months. 
  • Increased CTR from 6.11% to 8.93%.
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