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Jeeves - Google Ads, Meta Ads, CRO

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Galactic Fed x Jeeves: a 2-Year Partnership Filled with Paid Media Wins & CRO Success

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illustration of case study: Galactic Fed x Jeeves: a 2-Year Partnership Filled with Paid Media Wins & CRO Success

The story

Jeeves is an all-in-one financial stack platform. They offer global solutions for local needs: all expenses under one unified platform, global cards for growing teams, and founder-friendly financing. 

Jeeves first reached out to Galactic Fed when they had just launched and had been looking to get off the ground and expand their customer portfolio across regions. Paid media and conversion rate optimization were selected to pave the way for success.

The Strategy

The main goal for the Galactic Fed team was to increase the number of MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) in the UK, EU, and Canadian markets. They decided to employ both Meta and Google ads to benefit from the platforms’ different opportunities for paid promotion and have more options for budget optimization.

On Meta, the team focused on the Conversion campaigns targeting Prospecting and Retargeting audiences, with the Prospecting strategy focused on Interested based segments. This helped leverage the Retargeting strategy and resulted in a considerably high volume of MQLs at a lower Cost per QL compared to Google. 

On Google, Galactic Fed went all-in with Google Search campaigns. A thoughtful keyword strategy covered broader search terms as well as highly relevant long-tail keywords. This strategy aimed to serve a suitable ad at every stage of the funnel and for every type of search intent. By combining Google audiences such as In-market and Affinity, the broader search terms were qualified with audience intent.

In terms of CRO, the creative team took care of a complete makeover of the Jeeves’ website. Landing pages were redesigned to ensure optimal performance and flow down the conversion funnel. The messaging was also revised to mirror the brand’s tone of voice, emphasis on its trustworthiness, and translate its features into appealing benefits.

web design before and after - Galactic Fed & Jeeves

The Success

Jeeves and Galactic Fed conquered the digital marketing universe together for over two years, running multiple paid campaigns and constantly optimizing landing pages along the way. During that time, some of the biggest wins were:

  • Maintaining excellent results when Meta phased out Special Ads Audiences that the team heavily relied on. Galactic Fed managed to gradually pivot and strategically restructure the affected campaigns without sacrificing performance.
  • Accommodating the client’s request for budget reduction yet still decreasing the Cost per QL by 32% and increasing the conversion rate by 5%. All thanks to taking precise measures to avoid misintended traffic on Google, and consolidating high-performing audiences on Meta.
  • In Q4’22, the team managed to improve the all-market CAC by 82% by boosting ad delivery escalating campaigns.
  • Modern design and better functionalities helped to greatly improve the website’s performance. The most impressive results were recorded on the page for the Brazilian market where the conversion rate skyrocketed up to 32%.

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