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How Facebook & LinkedIn Ads Attracted 15K Leads For FinTech Startup

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The story

Our client, an all-in-one expense management platform for global companies, approached Galactic Fed for help with boosting new registrations using paid media. 

This fintech startup offers international financing solutions for businesses that span the globe. The client’s goal was to launch aggressively and harness the power of paid advertising growth strategies. 

The Galactic Fed team created a strategy for Facebook Lead Generation ads and quickly expanded their efforts to include more markets because of positive campaign results. Not long after, the team added LinkedIn Lead Generation ads to the mix thanks to Galactic Fed’s success with Facebook. 

The Strategy:

Galactic Fed’s strategy for this client was to launch Facebook ads to identify growth opportunities, bring in qualified leads, and then expand advertising to other platforms. Ultimately, Galactic Fed performed daily optimizations that turned their big strategy into a winning approach for the client. 

Facebook and LinkedIn required different approaches for lead generation. Galactic Fed first launched a client campaign using Facebook Lead Generation campaigns with carousel and slideshow ads mainly targeted to Mexican audiences. As the ads began to achieve positive results, paid ad specialists expanded their efforts to other markets, such as the UK, Europe, and Canada. Because of positive campaign performance across Facebook ads, Galactic Fed applied its learnings to build strong LinkedIn lead generation campaigns. 

For LinkedIn, the team applied aggressive optimizations and constant audience updates to ensure the client was reaching the most prospective leads. Unlike on Facebook, Galactic Fed specialists discovered that most complete registrations came from Canada, the EU, and the UK, causing them to shift focus away from Mexico on the new platform. And while carousels and slideshows achieved the best results on Facebook, single image ads worked best for LinkedIn audiences. LinkedIn leads were more expensive compared to Facebook, but the quality of leads was competitive, contributing to the overall success of our campaigns. 

Thanks to a successful Facebook campaign launch, Galactic Fed was able to quickly gather learnings and create effective strategies across two paid advertising platforms. 

The Success:

Very quickly, Galactic Fed exceeded expectations for the client. The client even had to hire additional team members to manage the incoming qualified leads (a great problem to have).

Overall, we helped the client:

  • Bring in 14,607 leads with a CPL of $11.46 with Facebook ad campaigns
  • Get 3,279 lead form opens via LinkedIn
  • Bring in 338 leads with a CPL of $162.29 with LinkedIn ad campaigns
  • Attracted a total of 14,945 leads (so far)

Galactic Fed's performance using Facebook and LinkedIn lead generation.

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